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I was remembering where Hockey first was played. It was on Lake Champlain in New York State. The game was made to be as A peace treaty between U.S.A and Canada. Their were French, English, Indians, involved and the reason why it was named Hockey is because of A grievous mistake made by the men in Fort William Henry. Many men died as of the result, miscommunication caused the Fort to fire on them as they were crossing the lake. After they sank and the men in the Fort found out they were coming to join them. They were distraught and wanted to undue what they had done. The puck then represented the fallen soldiers and civilians that should not of perished. They would play out their thoughts then so something like that would not happen again.

The way to A new beginning is having dissolved what made you doubt.Trust the joy in that what makes you tick.

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That quote at the end just about sums it up, I think we are all doing that. A thought that is manifested can either be your own or someone else. So finding the truth would be first to free you. That is what the puck was representing A thought before they took action. Freedom and Justice is what their goal is and that would give them distinction between right and wrong. So they needed A goal keeper to stop the bad thoughts. Just A hypothetical way of how the game transpired. Thanks for the trust would be the team working together and the joy would come from serving God. To gain Freedom and Justice.

A topic I thought would keep you cool, kind of like Mary Poppins when they went into the chalk painting. A holiday was how they perceived that place. Dancing with penguins and skating then horse racing, spring butterfly's, all in one day. Then back out into reality, that is what we have going for us. You can make the best of your day with free will to choose Gods wireless connection. Nature is much greater in this sense compared to television. It depicted how I think we should be using television, maybe I'll go ice skating in the skating rink.

I saw A T.V. show about Penguins and it was just like that Mary Poppins scene, Steve Irwin was playing with them on an iceberg sliding down it and then talking to them. Their was A cartoon called Breezy Bruin that I use to watch, can't remember all the characters. They were protective of the polar ice caps and that always heightened my awareness of the balance of Gods creation. It is good to get A fresh breeze to liven up your senses.

Wizard, I do not understand how you could possibly connect Mary Poppins with hockey. The subject matter sounds a little too delicate for a sport that is apparently aggressive. Cartoon, waiter penguins. Or even real penguins. Come on. I reckon that most likely, Batman's rival, the Penguin, would be up to a game of hockey with Pittsburgh Penguins anyway.

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