How to make use of the Chatroom here?

Hi bb Celtickat :: today i succeed to email /by REPLY function (leli , amuria & dkdiver) but i don t understand how i receive in my inbox chat message -transcript from TOPICS i don t went IN . FOR your problemo , may be NETWORK experience STREAMING problems throught south-north america daytime hours ?? It s not sure .. but .. on the other side may be Q L server experience some congestion for links over 800 miles away from Q L server location . HAVE A PHONE CALL WITH QL . WITH 2 tours to prepare it will be someone to take call on tollfree line by extra workin hours. C est un monde de femmes Q L . De femmes fortes . BYE Mad Eeker Big Grin Smiler
Originally posted by Jesse:
I would like to know more about the Chatroom as well. on of my buddies said we should use it sometime, but I don't know howFrowner (sorry, Loreenya!)

...could someone please tell me?

Jesse, the chatroom is available just sometimes. So far, it was once only, unfortunately. When Loreena decides to chat with us, we are sent a link via email, through which we enter the chatroom. Otherwise there is no other way to open that page, which is, however, unavailable if Loreena is not online. Hopefully we get soon the reminder of a new an-hour chat live.
Hope it can help!

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