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Cocoa posted:

Just read an interview about the new album with Loreena saying this might be her last recording... I pray this won’t be the fact.


Strange, that’s the first interview about the album where she’s mentioned it may be her last. Yet earlier, in that same interview, she mentions hoping to return to her project inspired by India. Hopefully she clarifies, maybe in the next podcast. If “Lost Souls” is her last recording, I’d think QR would be making a bigger deal about that fact...

Thanks for the heads-up, Cocoa. Sure, I would feel sad if she decided that "Lost Souls" was the last recording. It would be news that would send shock waves to fans (and of course, I can don't mean those cooling mechanisms on our ceilings and such). That comment about it being probably the last recording calls me to mind about Ms. McKennitt's "other half," Enya, would say in certain interviews, "...It may be the last song that I'll ever write."

Well, it's a lot of work to record and produce, and a huge commitment of time, energy and money to tour.  I hope enough people buy this album that she feels like at least there are enough people enjoying and paying for the music that it's worth the work.  On the other hand, she's in her 60's, and people do get to retire if they want to.  We will appreciate whatever she provides.

I would like Ms. McKennitt to continue making and writing music until she no longer has the health and/or strength to do it. I have seen other artists (a more recent example is Neil Diamond) who have quit because they were sick. I thought that maybe a little more cheer and encouragement as well as love and prayers would perk up her spirits and perhaps give her the strength what she needs to do. It is even thought that music is very good for your health, but that all depends on the factors involved. 


I second that. Such well crafted soothing sounds and words. I’m having a
moment tonite listening to her in Never Ending Road. “Here is my heart, I
give it to you..”
Unbelievable Right~on~ness.

On Fri, May 11, 2018 at 11:07 PM Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:

I wanted to wish that all of the mothers out their had A good day yesterday. I saw the indians in the park had drums playing and singing. Made me think of the best we can be and reflecting on Gods love for us. And I thought how at A place on the Rogue River called Paradise Lodge has these acoustics that echoe when music is played it is amazing. I thought Loreena might like it their to practice before going on tour. Peaceful and fun jet boat ride to get their from Gold Beach O.R.

I see that there is shift in mood in terms of whether or not Ms. McKennitt is continuing with her musical career. I am definitely not ready for the end and I can imagine that certain others in this forum who feel the same way as I do. All that we need to do is be a part of her "cheerleading team" and hopefully, that will help her to maintain good spirits within herself. 

That is A nice sentiment to wish her the encouragement to continue making music. I remembered when I was feeling down she uplifted me with her Christmas carols about Mary and posted A video. It was A gift to all of us for Christmas. So may those God like attributes continue to shine and we all will maintain good spirits.

Wizard, keep up the effort. We, Loreena's Legionaries, should to give our "colonel" arsenal of love and support by giving her a virtual group hug and loving kindness. After all, did she not sing in "Beneath the Phrygian Sky" that "our love must us strong?" That's exactly what we should do. It's returning her the favor in that instance.

A very nice place to put your thoughts on love and life. Makes all the difference to have heaven's voice of reconciliation give you hope. I want to make sure that is what she receives from us divine inspiration from God. Since I know she deserves the best and the rest she can have peace. I am going to find peace when I get my CD player working I have not heard the new recordings yet maybe I can purchase A cassette hopefully.

Wizard, I am not sure if you will be to get a cassette for "Lost Souls." However, you may know that it is possible to copy the CD's music onto a tape as it is possible to transfer video camera videos or iPhone videos and pictures onto a DVD.

Yes, Ms. McKennitt can be inspired by God and having her to be a musician and singer instead of a veterinarian was part of the divine plan for her. The other thing is that we should not forget the fact that she wrote the music for "Dark Night of the Soul" by St. John of Cross, who is a 16th century Spanish Catholic priest, mystic and Doctor of the Church. On the surface, it sounds like a romantic love song, but it's actually a metaphorical piece for spiritual love between the spirit and her Creator in the midst of trouble, even when someone else accuses the innocent person falsely.    

Thank you for the insight on that song I listened to it and found it to be mysterious. I have been wanting to see the DVD I had with that song on it and an interview. I miss the mummers dance also was on it. Theirs A fun atmosphere created on some of those videos and I'll get my collection together. God Bless.

Wizard, when I first heard "The Mummers' Dance" as a pre-adolescent child, it made me think of the occult. However, I realized that this has potential to be interpreted as a song of Easter (I am in the process of writing on that subject, but I am looking for a suitable publication that would accept my work on the matter. You know, getting accepting for publishing can be quite difficult, especially in an age in which the concept of reading books, articles and the like in digital form seems to be promoted heavily.) 

If makes sense to me that Easter would be depicted their because of how they meet at A place where they once were. Then their friends almost seem to be amazed to see them cause they don't recognize them. And that would be like Jesus in the garden meeting Mary before he ascends to heaven. Then they dance and are happy cause their friend s are going to go up. When they leave it is the work of the Lord the Holy spirit that's given to them. The garden gate Azlan also comes to mind how they find A renewed perspective to continue until they meet again.What would be your interpretation ? You have accurate views. I am writing also but I am not good with grammar so it's not publishable until I get that fixed and I keep getting calls too publish.

That's okay, wizard. I was expressing what I needed to express to you. So, while we patiently wait for the next podcast, we should keep this conversation going. To begin with, "Colonel" McKennitt should extend her supposedly monthly monologue to more than twenty-minutes. The last time around, I was soaked up in her words that I wanted to hear more. The longest should extend to an hour, if possible. Second, a change in location from where the podcast is sent would also be decent. In this way, not only will create an effect (i.e. ocean waves in the background and seagulls), but also make the listener feel like he or she is right with her. To pass the time for this crowd, I will continue to spin my silly yarns about "Colonel" McKennitt, even about (inflatable) banana boats. 

I have never seen any of the podcasts first i heard about that. Actually the one Christmas video way back 2003. Their have been many others since then and I missed them. I have got to keep in contact for sure and I go on the river in them rafts often. Mine is like A bagel and I might get A kayak. Making music in that way is very good. I saw A video of Alanis Morisette in A canyon that was amazing and Loreena singing in another language in what looked to me like some ancient city dwelling. I don't know what language it was or where it was might you know what I am texting about. It had A special effect where she would pop up out of these caverns and sing, 

Wizard, I didn't know that you own a bagel flotation device. That is so cool. As you may know, Ms. McKennitt has sung (at least one time) in Latin for the album, "A Midwinter Night's Dream" and that would be "O Come, O Come Emmanuel." However, it's kind of funny and coincidental that her "other half," Enya, did a version of that song, but in a different key. In speaking of which, as you mentioned caves, Enya sang one of her songs called "Hope Has a Place" in some Irish cavern. It looks like another coincidence, perhaps.

I wonder if that video I saw way back when the web page was first starting out was in Latin. That makes me think that their are some video's that are not put on the market. Because after I watched it about 3 times I ordered A CD that was new. Thinking that the video would be on it. No such luck, it's been A mystery I could'nt solve, I kept searching each DVD, CD, nothing. I am remembering how She looked like A beautiful spirit moving thru these caves. Then She would pop up and sing A chorus and then disappear into the cave and the music would play awhile and She would pop up out of another cave. I thought She might have been singing in Gaelic, Since it looked like some place in Ireland. 15 years later I was watching A national geographic special and saw them caves or catacomes off the coast of some island in Europe. The video was done so well it was a miracle. God I wish I new what She was singing about then. Have A happy day.

Wait a minute, Wizard. Which "she" are you referring to? Enya or Loreena McKennitt? And do you know people have often confuse those two female Celtic musicians when it comes to their music? One such example was when "The Mummers' Dance" was released, some people thought that it was Enya instead of Ms. McKennitt.

It was Loreena for sure cause it was on her web sight. I seem to try to hard to find it and when I am just merrily going about my business then poof their it is. Who is the Lady of Shallot ? She does'nt say her name and Christ the man in the shadow he moves. Makes me think of Peter Pan finds his shadow. Some mysteries that keep you guessing. I never will lose interest and maybe Loreena can let us know some of the secrets. The "Book of Secrets," CD is A perfect example of what I am saying. Happy day

Wizard, let me correct you on the lyrics of Marrekesh Night Market.  It is actually "'Would you like my mask? Would you like my mirror?' cries the man in shadowing hood," not Christ the Man "in the shadowing hood." The chorus also goes to say, "You can look at yourself. You can look at each other. Or you look at the face of your god." Does that clear things up for you? As I said before, it is. The reason that I made mention of "The Mummers' Dance" was because the third verse makes reference to Christ by saying "...a garland gay we bring you here/and at your door we stand/It is a sprout/Well budded out/The work of our Lord's hand." The garland gay is (possibly) a reference to the crown of thorns and the trees mentioned in the song point to the tree of the cross. I go on and on about the allegorical nature of "The Mummers' Dance," but I do not want to waste my energy in writing about it in this post. While her spiritual life remains an enigma to us, it seems that Ms. McKennitt is interested in God. Out of all her creations, The Mask and the Mirror is Ms. McKennitt's most "religious" album. 

Seems to me I heard different although that is not the way it goes. I'm O.K. with how I heard it. Theirs A song I hear on the radio that says may the lord God be with you now and always may you say blame the silica. But it sounds like blame the silly ghost. For some reason whenever I hear it, I am happy. I have got listen to that again and maybe find where I got that from. I'm sure he could move in the shadow like peter pan too. Christ the man is A real miracle walking.

Wizard, with that last line, I cannot agree more with you. To be a little off topic, I wanted to say that I am currently working on a novel (and of course, it is a work in progress). It has a genre-bending plot and covers a number of things and ideas that we are dealing with at the moment--religion, politics, the environment, pop culture, etc. It's imagination and supernatural being intertwined with the world that we live in.

I Think that is great you can exspress your ideas. I write on pen and paper cause it helps me think. Then I am going to retype it to get the grammar corrected. You covered some of the subjects in mine. Their is A few chapters that are miraculous about God sending an Angel to save kids from bad guys who want to tear down an apartment building where they are hiding. It is good to get my thoughts out and remember good things God does.

Wizard, the book that I am working on is along the lines of what you said. However, it is in a way different from you expect. It takes place on a fictional Caribbean island called Corazones and populated by devout Catholic natives. The story begins with an outsider, Bradley Thistlewith, a BBC correspondent of no faith at all and hailing from Camden, England. He finds himself reporting on a revolution between the people and the oppressive anti-religious government.  But suddenly, the head of the island's government dies and the Madonna descends from heavens to rule as queen of Corazones. How is that for a story? May I tell more?

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