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Hello everyone. I just signed up to the community forum, though I have been a Loreena McKennitt fan since 1994.

I had heard her music mentioned by someone before when I heard her for the first time. I remember it quite vividly: I was a student of English at the time, and we were on a study trip to York, England.

On one of the outings we had, we were in a bus, heading towards the place where the Brontë sisters used to live, and though the bus driver hadn't thought to have any entertainment, someone quickly offered a cassette tape from their walkman to play to have some background music for the long bus ride.

And a few moments later, the spellbinding first sounds of Loreena McKennitt's "All Soul's Night" were filling my ears, and - to cut a long story short - since then, most of the time I spend listening music has been listening to Loreena's lovely work.

It is very inspirational both when writing or painting to have such wonderful music in the background, or just to listen to it and shutting everything else out.

I also find it rather therapeutical and relaxing - especially the last ten years when I've been working in a shop and I've come home tired the last few months before Christmas. Coming home, putting on some Loreena McKennitt, lighting some candles, and sitting down in bed and closing my eyes has kept me going through stressful times.

So, Loreena, keep up the good work, both doing your own compositions and making the most wonderful arrangements of traditonal songs. I am sure I am not alone in excitedly anticipating what is to come next from your musical genius.
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Welcome to QR!
My introduction to Loreena was very similar to yours in how I responded to her wonderful and captivating song, "All Souls Night".
As well, I listen to her when writing or being creative.
Loreena is my all time favorite artist. She is pure beauty!
A good friend of mine married a Scotsman and they first lived in Inverness, now they live in England. Loreena's grandfather grew up in Inverness!
I hope you have a wonderful time walking along Quinlan Road.
"In your heart, in your soul, may you find peace there",
Thanks, Gina,

I am actually Norwegian, and it was my then girlfriend, now wife, that brought me to Inverness when she wanted to move back to Scotland where she used to live when I met her. She's not Scottish, though, but several coincidences brought her to study in Scotland and she's spent most of her adult life here.

Living here, I do feel closer to where Loreena's music is coming from, though I had no idea her grandfather was Invernesian.

Like you, I would not hesitate to say that Loreena is my all time favourite artist, and has been ever since I heard her that first time.

Being an on and off recorder player over the last 17 years, I have felt the inspiration to work more on music after moving here. Perhaps there is something in the water, as some say.

Last week, I even did my own arrangement of the traditional "Star of the County Down" on recorder - - inspired to a great extent by the fact that Loreena McKennitt did such a nice version for her wonderful album "The Wind that Shakes the Barley".

Mostly, however, the inspiration I have gleaned from her music has been non-musical, although one might argue that there is much musicality in poetry as well as in painting, the divide between those arts being more of a fuzzy border than a clearly demarcated line.

I now own and run a gallery here in Inverness where I sell my own artwork, many of which will have been made while listening to Loreena McKennitt's music. Perhaps there is even more of her music in my paintings than I realise?

Anyway, I am looking forward to participating in the forum from time to time, so thanks again for welcoming me.
Hi Hakon!
How wonderful you have an art gallery! And my great grandmother was born and raised in Norway, yes, I am very Norwegian! I'll listen to your music when I'm on a computer with working speakers.
Do you experience Loreena's songs differently each time you hear them? I hear different aspects of the songs that makes them new again, hence they direct my creativity in different directions.
It's great getting to know you!!!
Hi Hakon

The first three notes just happened to be... And I was hooked.

Well, maybe it was four!

This song has ever since been reminding me of the woman who had 'The Visit' in her CD collection.

Welcome on board - hope you'll enjoy it here.

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