Juno Award?


I too think it to be a shame that ms. McKennitt didn't win.

I stumbled over the artist Feist...
I think it is amzing that she has gotten 5 awards!
I have seen some of her musicvideos. And I must say she is unusual. Once again I am astonished how simple the effects can be and though be so effectfull.

Just think of the lightshow at ms. McK's concerts!

Yes, Anxious2, unbelievable how good Loreena is, thanks to lights, sounds, her and her musicians’ artistry, to create a two-hour performance that you hardly forget. That’s a pity that it’s not recognized publicly and her work rewarded with an award. I had hoped for the Juno. Anyway, at bottom, she gets a great deal of support and recognition from us, and this is what is more.

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