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Hello Souls, I am from a small town on Maryland`s Eastern Shore, of the United States. I have been doing research on my fathers side of the family which is Czech.(My mothers:Irish,English) Its now known as the Czech Republic, alias, Czechoslovakia, alias, Bohemia. Most Czechs claim to be Slavic, which would only make sense due to history, and the fact that Czech is a western Slavic language. However, digging deeper, I found that the area was first inhabited by the Celt`s, an ancient tribe called the Boii, which is how the area was named, Bohemia, by the Romans. I also learned that a lot of Czech bloodlines have high genetic compounds found mostly in the Celts, as well as Germanic genetics as well. Reason was when each migration happened from each group,(which all dwelled in the area)some stayed and were devoured by the next, though the Slavic was the biggest and last. Seems Im Celtic from both sides, lol. I constantly look at pictures of the Czech Republic(I pray to get there some day), and it seems to me a very fairytale type of place, castles on every hill, cobblestone streets, etc. I am working slowly on a series of paintings of the country, and I listen to Loreena to both relax and inspire me. I just wonder to myself sometimes though, what a song of hers about that area, that that history, would sound like, because only she could do it. What do you people think, and what song would you have her sing, if any?
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I wish I saw your post earlier barnacles62. I hope you're still wondering, for I would like to answer your question:
I thought about this many times when I hear a song and think, "Loreena can do that better". I would like her to record "The Three Ravens".
Heart has 2 mandolin and auto-harp songs that Loreena could have a lot of fun with, called "Sulvan Song" by Nancy Wilson and Roger Fisher and the "The Dream of the Archer" Ann and Nancy wrote together with Roger. But I'm not one to say what Loreena should do. So I just dream!
Happy Eclectic Celticing!

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