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Very nice article and I couldn’t agree more. I joined your website and forum to let you know you have not and will not lose this fan.  I have been a fan for so very long, before Facebook and now, after it. 

Your words have moved me to begin the process of moving away from Facebook as well. I will download all of my media and then delete it. I will remove all of my personal information as well and delete the account. 

Next, I will starting doing the same for my business. Most of our customers learn of us through it anyway and it’s their word of mouth that gets more customers in. 

Loreena, Thank you for the music you bring to us. Thank you for allowing us to travel through the world and through time in your lyrics. You and your musicians are truly master craftsmen. 

-John G.

Lafayette LA

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I think this is a good idea. I've been pondering it myself, in my writing account--but I have a small following and I don't know how this will work out for me. But I'm really tempted to make the leap and hope things work out. I think having someone like Loreena publicly state her reasons and make the leap is a good precedent and can only help. 

Can't wait for Lost Souls!

Brilliant move leaving Facebook.  I only stay on there to maintain contact with relatives.
I don't think you're committing "business suicide" by leaving FB as most likely more folks than usual can relate to your decision.  
There is an alternative to FB which is actually very good.  I've been on it for a short time and have had no problems so far.  
Check out Mewe.com
So far they seem to be very private compared to FB and have little to no censorship rules so you should be able to post whatever you want.  Also appears to have several Canadians and other Brits on there as members.
Good luck and I'll see you on your website from time to time.
God Bless;
(Glenn Arnold)

Ms. McKennitt, you mentioned in your latest opinion piece regarding leaving Facebook something about the link between abuse of social media and democracy. What did you mean by that and how is it possible? Are you referring to those Facebook users who make negative comments or ad hominem attacks against others who express an opposing viewpoint? A reply is kindly appreciated.

For a few years now, I have considered Facebook a waste of time and basically evil (especially all the political ... stuff). I too would be deleting it if it weren't for family and old friends who live far from me. As far as people not buying or listening to your music because of this, they were not true fans of you or your music.

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