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Hi, I am Orazio (53) from Chioggia, a small medieval town in Italy, near Venice.
Sorry for my bad english, I have great difficulty writing on this language, despite this, I writhe because the question interest me a lot and I would like to give my little contribution.

I am a big eater of music, specially folk and progressive, specially on vinyl and specially on audiophile pressings. Since on 1975 I bought classic rock and pop vinyls remastered from Original Master Recordings for their greater sound quality.

I am a fan of Loreena since 1988 when I listened "To drive the cold winter away", bought import from Canada because not distributed in Italy. Since then I always followed hoping in a reprint of her works in vinyl.
Now the hope has been fulfilled :-)

I welcomed with pleasure the last "The wind that shakes.." but also with delusion.
Musically this work is very beautiful and Loreena improved the use of the voice, adding a rhytmic ability very useful to interpretation of some of pieces chosen.
The quality of vinyl is also excellent, compliments.

The disappointment is for the artwork of vinyl (I bought 3 copies), very poor.
The cover immage is beautifull and evocative, in agreement with the content of record, but ends here.

Loreena has accustomed us to have on CD a booklet with photos, text and other.
On this vinyl album, where larger size makes all more pleasant and enjoyable .....nothing of this.

I born with vinyl and musicassette (the support of 1st work of L.M.)and I am a vinyl enthusiast. I also know many vinyl fans, and all, like me, love vinyl not only for (from us, subjective opinion) greater musicality, but also for possibility to present immages and texts in larger size.

More important to get this is the use of a gatefold (or triple) cover (only single on last L.M. album.

To better understand what I mean bellow, I put the first examples I remember of other records:

ex: Strawbs - Grave new world (triple G/F cover for a single lp)and booklet with text inside

Higly rated are covers with particulars thecnycal details, as profiled or shaped covers

ex: Catapilla - changes
ex: Banco Mutuo Soccorso (1st, same titles 1st press) with cover profiled as a money box
ex: family - bandstand (cover profiled as an old radio and use of transparent sheet)
ex: Faust - same title (transparent vinyl, transparent cover with image printed)

A finesse on presentation of vinil is the inclusion in an envelope with tissue paper.

Is better to insert the text on a separate booklet. Is also appreciated the indication of all thecnical datas about recordings.

Obviously, in case of reprint of all albums, is reccomended the use of different techniques.

I do not reccomended the pubblication in a box. Is an unpleasant limit for anyone with economic limitations. Moreover, from England, there is a limit of 2kg. for shipment of small pachets. Here, the box of Genesis reprints are sold only for the internal market.
Rather, can make available reprint of the single records and a box with a gift to those who buy this.

From a commercial prospective, to stimulate collectors, could be issued a first reprint in a limited numbered edition of 500-1000 copies with the inclusion of a poster, and a second reprint without numberation.

Finally on quality: Loreena always given us thecnically very very good recordings. As said, also the quality of vinyl used on the last record is very good. This, with the higly quality of remastered sounds, will certainly produce fabulous discs.
I hope these indications serve to get us some amazing reprints on vinyl of all album we love.
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