Hello! A number of years ago, i walked into a music shop in the Lake District ( united kingdom) and  was stopped in my tracks when i heard LM's music being played. It truly hit a chord with me ( no pun intended) i was transfixed with such a beautiful and haunting voice, from that moment i became a fan of her music. Her soothing voice and fantastic musical depth and lyrics keep me well and truly hooked. Long may LM continue and thank you for sharing your remarkable gift with us all. Ian
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Hi eondi,

I haven't been on Loreena's message board in a very long time, too long in fact. I came upon your post and I want to let you know that Loreena hit me with "All Souls Night" the same way she affected you. I was talking with a friend and another friend had gifted me a mixed tape cassette and Loreena was the first song to play. I automatically stopped talking and listened to her and when she starting singing, tears filled my eyes, not sadness, but my heart opened up more that I never knew was there. No other group had that effect on me. Thus, Loreena has been my very favorite ever since 1995. I just realized it's been 20 years since I first heard Loreena. Time does fly when listening to great music!

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I have been a fan of Loreena since I was in a mall gift shop years ago, browsing and above my head was a speaker playing "The Highwayman". I could not believe my ears. This was the poem Anne Shirley had recited in "Anne of Green Gables" that I had grown up watching! It has been my life goal to hear Loreena live in concert. Please Loreena, will you come close to Ohio? Cleveland would be a perfect venue! Love, Shar

Sharamen, when you mentioned "Anne of Green Gables" and "The Highwayman," I tell you that I love that film. It is amazing. Do not forget "The Lady of Shallot." That was another poem that was from that film (as well as referenced in the book) and the one that Ms. McKennitt had adapted to music, you know. It is really no coincidence that Ms. McKennitt herself had read the book when she was young (that is what I read some time ago and I remember that fact). So, Sharamen, you are spot on.

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