LM & Celebrity Non-Celebrityism

I guess every person who is known across the globe is a celebrity. I also believe that every artist likes to get recognition for what he does. But don't we all like to receive a little praise when we achieve something?

Of course there are two kinds of celebrities - ones that does everything and anything to accomplish fame and glory and others who achieve the same by staying true to themselves.

I'll quote Loreena herself: "I think it is important to continue to live your life according to your values and hopefully who you are will be revealed and stand for itself."

Beautifully spoken in my opinion.

There is a lot of truth in KrisW's post, too.

Celebrities who do not let their fans anywhere near them are called snooty and arrogant by their fans.

On the other hand celebrities who choose the closeness of their fans also walk on a small and narrow ledge because some fans cannot get enough - always want, yes, even demand more. Forgetting that the artist has its own life he would like to live. Some fans do not and cannot for some reason understand that an artist cannot be every fan's personal friend.

I was able to work backstage at Germany's second largest Metal-Event "The Magic Circle Festival" this year. The headlining band, Manowar, did signing sessions two days in a row for over 8 hours in total. They signed and signed and let pictures be taken with themselves and were always nice and polite to their fans.

On both days I had to make the announcement to stop the signing sessions due to the time schedule. I did not believe the disrespectful words I heard from some of the fans after the band had spent so much of their time to satisfy so many people.

On the other hand I saw fans with their entire back catalogue in their hands wanting every single CD and LP to be signed by the band - spending so much time and slowing everything down - being totally egoistic in my opinion.

So whose fault was it that many devoted fans couldn't get an autograph?

There are always two sides of the medal and people always seem to only notice their side.

Fans also seem to forget that the artists are actually working - they are not there for pleasure and leisure time.

So, in my opinion Loreena is a celebrity because she is known across the globe for living her life pursuing her own values, staying true to herself and for giving us her music.

And I love the fact that she has her own business and is not a marionette of some great record label!

And she seeks the closeness of her fans! Would she write her personal opinions and feelings on this message board if it was otherwise?

After her e-interview on St. Patricks day There was nothing but lots of humble pir for me, a long time "fan" of LM. Hersongs i use to think of a deram , but a reflection of the past. But for some a reality. The highwayman is a alive a well, didn't you know? Not that her singing encourages but documents the truth of life. Row row your boat, but is it really so ? I decide for myself, yon pilgram.
As a performing artist , it's difficult to express to non -performers..(stage,essentially), what drives us to public "exposure"..What pushes us to do this ,is complex and simple at the same time...
to strive be "ordinary " people(and live "ordinary" lives) is normal , for normal artists .. But we are not on earth, for "normal " reasons".. i'm certain of this, now , after all these years.. We are surrounded by different time scales,or passage of time , as you will.. and like in our dreams, music , as in all artistic expression , is in "other" time zones .. When we are doing our stuff.. time is of a different order.. all who've tried this , even as amateurs, or other forms of public expression.. have had "brushes" with this intense mystery..
We work very hard at mastering the tools that allow us to express what we've learned , absorbed , over the centuries.. takes "many lifetimes".. not just for music..

Now, celebrity... the balance between this capacity to express, at the highest level, each time , and to grow better,and be exposed enough to earn our livings, reach as many people as possible... meet new artists, performers, create new projects ...produce them..etc.. All of this creates energies..positive and negative... And great envy, frustration, in as many as those we bring beauty to... Now , the really talented ones, they have an even harder time balancing the simple joys of being appreciated , loved , admired , and enjoying the "mobility" that comes from celebrity.. And being or remaining "acceptable" to many , who are in their lives ambivalent towards the dedicated and (my god ! they do exist!)successful performing artists.. remember , a painter can allowably paint a great painting , not show it to anyone , and put it in a closet , for all time .. Most musicians do their thing to be with other players , and with the public.. What it's for .. though the reasons for making music have changed , over the ages .. Trance -like states .. that occur in our playing communicate to most people .. Our desire to do all that is possible to continue to do so in front of audiences , is the reason for the industry's great capacity to exploit this inner drive... takes two to waltz, or tango.. whatever.. I'll not even begin to pretend to know where Loreena is ... with regards to celebrity...not at all important.. she brings joy..& trance -like states to us .. I do, as we musicians all do... enjoy... Chris hayward , France
Since this discussion topic is about "the cult of celebrity" and trying not to be constantly "in the spotlight," here is something I would like to mention. There is a new law in California (it took effect on January 1, 2010), in which celebrities can sue the paparazzi if these photographers pursue these notable names in entertainment when that famous person is involved in personal activities. Now, this would sure make Ms. McKennitt, a strong advocate of having privacy while being famous, very happy. Loreenya
That is a good way to make a stand. Sends out the message that just because celebrities or well known individuals are pushed into the limelight because of the work they do, does not give anyone the right to invade the privacy of others. Away to go California!
Originally posted by Liliesfair:
LM has expressed that she does not believe in the cult of celebrity, and further states that "…it is always hard for me to consider myself any different than any other individual in the world making his or her way through this mysterious journey called life. I suppose that this, in itself, may be one thing I would like the public to understand about me."

Wikipedia defines "the cult of celebrity" as: "The widespread interest in arbitrarily famous individuals. The public fascination with…celebrities, though not technically a cult, leads to a level of idolatry. Driven by constant publicity and exposure…the cult of celebrity…is associated with an increased focus on celebrity by the entertainment industry."

I admire LM's attempt to exist simultaneously as both a celebrity and as a regular person. But to what extent does she succeed at being the same as the rest of us? True, we are all equal in our humanness, but the very fact that so many of us enjoy LM's music makes it impossible for her not to be singled out. Therefore, can a celebrity simultaneously be a non-celebrity? Does LM manage to strike a balance between the two?

One author is rather opinionated in her take on this issue: "Celebrities who insist…that they do not court publicity, who try to wrest their private lives from the public gaze on which they are totally dependent, are naive only for failing to realise that this is the balancing-act they are required to perform" (Jacqueline Rose).

What Rose fails to distinguish is that it's not so black-and-white. Celebrities come into their renowned status in different ways and with varying intentions. For example, there is a difference between a famous person who just wants to live for his or her art, and if others like it, great - versus a celebrity who revels in fame and glory. I'm sure it's clear to all of us here on the QR MB which of these two categories LM falls into.

In LM's own words: "I think it is important to continue to live your life according to your values and hopefully who you are will be revealed and stand for itself."


Donna Betts
Any person who has come to know someone, knows and understands who they are in their heart based on the actions of their life course and inner heart core beliefs. Many people say many words, that doesn't mean that they hold any real credence, they are simply just saying what they think. Miss Loreena has proven who she is at heart through many actions and works; let her be who she is without all the need of (cult celebritying yourself) by putting yourself in the limelight with your many words.
I find it amazing, if not surprising, that there are some celebrities, who do acknowledge the fact that being famous does have a price. Generally, celebrities consider the paparazzi a total nuisance. I am glad that Loreena McKennitt is one of the few famous persons who does not use the spotlight to draw attention to herself as most famous people are. I am glad that she is not one of those egotistic, in-your-face noted persons who don't mind being photographed by other people. Besides, I find it a tragedy that the media emphasizes too much on what a famous person does, what he or she wears, how he or she looks, with whom he or she slept with, etc, as well as the fact that fame and fortune isn't everything or makes anyone happy.
Hello, Ms. McKennitt:
I just read your interview about personal privacy from "The Global and Mail" and in some of the points that you made, you do speak truth. I mean, when we, folks, have a person we really love and admire, even to the point that we "worship," we do not realize that these famous persons are not "divine" and that they are just as human as we are. It even bothers me when the tabloids and the press disclose what the noted person has done, even if the matter is private, and then, make a big issue out of it. I had a teacher who once said that "nosy people never live long" and she was right. People who attempt to invade privacy or say about or do abominable things to him or her, especially those who work in the media, do get caught by that particular celebrity, often through lawsuits or police arrests. Ms. McKennitt, I firmly believe that "celebrities" and other noted individuals like you do deserve, in the words of "The Catechism of the Catholic Church," "dignity of the human person" just like everyone else that lives on this planet Earth and that is for the sake of fairness.
When you mentioned that you were not going to give out any contacts, I had to say that you are not alone. I am reminded of an episode involving contact with celebrities. Recently, I wanted to write to another vocalist I am quite fond of, a British soprano called Sarah Brightman and to my dismay, I found out that no address or email of hers will be publicly given to anyone. Even at that point, I really understood why this was not possible. Like you, Ms. Brightman also needs and should deserve her privacy. You must know that I truly respect that. In addition, it makes more difficult for a famed individual to receive "fan mail" for the mere sake of his or her safety in order to prevent stalkers and unwanted or "strange" visitors.
Ms. McKennitt, you taught me and others an important lesson on respecting one's privacy, particular when it is that of a noted individual. Your words of courage, prudence and truth are highly valued in this interview.
Thank you and may the blessings of the Creator be upon you.
Yours respectfully,
Ms Mkinnett you are a normal person with extraordinary talent it is also quite clear that you work very hard. So I believe it is alright to admire your talent and hard work, and from what I know which is not much just bits of interviews, and have heard that your take care of your crew that you are also a nice person. I wish you many more years enjoying the gift you have and hope you continue to allow us to listen by producing CD's and DVDs for us to listen to. George.
I feel that those who are famous and not so famous deserve to have a private life. Celebraties some would say do not have the right to privacy, but that is not true they are all human beings and they derserve the right to live their lives outside the public eye. All artist has to live some what with the support of those who enjoy their talents, their gifts. However simutaniously it does not give thier fans te right to know every detail of their personal live. This is always a delicate balance that both artist and fans must remember.

When people think of celebrities, we think of those who possess large houses, gaudy million dollar ball gowns, limousines and the like. However, our culture needs to realize that it isn't true with every single famous person that there is. There are those who not aware that some famous persons prefer ranch homes over mansions, thrift store clothes over fancy ones, being independent in terms of cooking and cleaning over butlers and maids to care for them as well as their homes...the list can on. (There are some others like that, but at this moment, I cannot name names.) We can get quite disturbed and maybe even degrading if someone like Gwenyth Peltrow slept with South American peasants on a dirt floor instead of a bed with gold silk sheets and a canopy. Something funny is going on.  The other thing is that we are living in a time when maintaining privacy is getting harder than before to get by, no matter how hard one tries. Ms. McKennitt would have to take comfort in knowing that her contemporary (and "other-half" of the Celtic fusion "yin and yang"), Irish composer-singer, Enya, is also trying hard to keep herself private, despite personal threats to her privacy.  As I make my way to the grocery store, I become bombarded by tabloid magazine and their outrageous headlines for exaggerated shock effect from their readers. I have been thinking, "Is it that important? What's going on?" The way that those big names live their lives, especially in luxury, can be bothersome as they live like gods rather as humans who are like you and me, having joys, struggles and problems of their own.  It seems that we need to reassess our view of celebrity. Perhaps, the time is now.

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