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■ Topic: Through the many comments on Loreena Facebook page regarding her announcement about leaving fb, it seems like there is a number of folks on both end of the spectrum regarding the whole ordeal. I'm just disheartened how negative and even rude on some of these folks comments on her facebook page are. Any thoughts? Your two cent? Agree to disagree? Hrm?


》》》[ My two cent] Random long thoughts for those who have time nor care. Haha. 

At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, point of views and we all should respect that. There is no need to be rude and or ignorant about it. If not then perhaps we should review Loreena insight again as to the reasons why she is doing so in protecting the pieces of privacy, confidentially, anonymity and she herself is choosing a stance on this until it is being resolve on a larger scale such as the government/law enforcement arena. I applaud her for that, instead of going with the crowd and or trend. Their all very valid points on this direction she wish to take her music, business and information

Besides that she is more than just an artist. She had always been a firm believer of technology leading us in a direction where we lose that human essence of connection. Hence, why she have a particular song called, “Stolen Child”, and maybe we should all go listen to it again right? Haha. It's no surprise for her to make this move if you known of Loreena core values, the things she stands for, the things she does as a community leader/ambassador, and points of view outside of her being an artist. With that being said, it makes no difference on which platform she uses to reach out to the larger community because if she feels uncomfortable with FB for x amount of reasons then we should seek to understand why. Along with that, if her “fans” and btw she really dislike that term, were to truly respect, care, and wish to connect with her then by all means you make ends meet. And to be quite honest, her team does a great job in communicating with us all so there really isn't an issue if you are already a part of LM community and knows how it function. With that being said, I’m sure she knows that she has a large set of eyes on her and that this decision could possibly make her lose some “fans” and business. But then when had she cared to follow the crowd if her principles are being challenged anyways?

In that case, we will continue to see you all here on the community forum and be updated through her emails letters. So those who choose to stay on facebook will do so and those who doesn't want to simply just don't. And those who finds this as a turn off, too much work for their own convenience to keep track of her, then I guess you are just into the music and not as interested in anyone else interest and well being as a whole, even the artist. Anyways, rather it be of similarities and or differences it only shows and speaks volume that her music is still loud and appreciated no matter how she goes about her platform. So "sit down, be humble" and or bye. 



[[ To Loreena, Keep them flying, keep inspiring, and keep motivating. In a sense, everyone wants to see change but don't put in the work eh? So haters are going keep hating, but keep creating that change you wish to see and by all means keep taking care of yourself Loreena. We are right behind you. Sending you positive energy with much love. Respect. Toodles. -MDY ]]

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I say good for Loreena!  While I still have a Facebook account, and I do use it frequently for work*, I don’t enjoy using it, and it sometimes feels like an obligation to check in anymore.  

Also, aside from the privacy/data issues, there are so many psychological problems that are associated with Facebook and other “social” media outlets; the research hits the nail on the head, and Loreena has addressed it time and time again.  

As for the potential loss of “fans,” (I know, that’s my “ick” word, too) “followers,” whatever you want to call them, she has reached out through so many avenues and invited them to come to her website that her leaving Facebook shouldn’t make much of a difference.  

Just my two cents!

*As well as a college class (one of my pre-veterinary courses) that would otherwise have eaten me alive; I passed it by the skin of my teeth. Five years later I still have nightmares.  

I believe I completely agree with Loreena's point of view, facebook is a toxic environment and for artists it can be ten times more toxic than to an ordinary person.

I left facebook a year ago, but for some strange forces I had to come back, but this time with some lessons learned. Still is a stupid way of "getting social" to me.

Anyway, I've always was a old-fashioned person when it comes to social media. It took more than two or three years for me accept to be part of orkut at the time. I'll never take social media seriously, that's not reality and most of the time it's an useless way of taking your precious time.

Still, hope for the better with this action. Never was a keeper on the forums, but always preferred this kind of virtual social environment than social media.

I am thankful that LM is turning off FB.

Zuckerberg threw me off of FB on 07-17-17; the clash of the three sevens. 


There was no reason offered, but that doesn't matter.

At that time, I was beginning to see the silver lining of FB, even though it was always apparent that the service was intrusive, addictive, and not reliable.  There is so much positivity to be had in deepening our personal, far flung relationships.  The meaning of "trust" in this context, however, includes trust that you will not be decieved.  Such trust is not deserving of the service and we can all be forgiven for our innocence in in trusting the keepers of data and information.

In my opinion, Zuckerberg is a liar, a cheat, and a thief.  He has lied about the security of our accounts.  He has cheated us out of our income streams.  He has stolen our personal narratives.  Zuckerberg is not unique in all of this, but uniqueness is not the question at hand.

Anyhow, regarding Cambridge Analytica.  When CA made an arrangement with FB to run their personality app on FB, they also included Terms of Agreement.  We all have clicked "Agree" on these sorts of things.  Inside that agreement was a statement that read:

"We're going to scrape every last morsel of data that we can from you and your friends, and by clicking 'agree', you affirm that you don't care."

Now people are going, WTF? And OMG?

I'm not surprised at what happened on fb, as I've seen it happening in other arenas as well. YouTube isn't clean either. I've stopped going on fb because it took up too much of my time, people complained too much, and it got too politcal.

I doubt I'll give up YouTube as I get ideas for my card classes.

The thing that has gotten me most upset and worried is the degregation of science, especially in the classroom. When you have people who can persuadively talk up a point of view, even if there is no evidence to back it then post it on fb, YT, even talk politicatians to keep reinforcing lies that change policies and people start believing the Earth is flat. Or climate change is a hoax. 

Chief Sealth's (Seattle) words keep coming back to me, "If we spit upon the ground, we spit upon ourselves." In other words, if we pollute the water, the soil, the air, we get sick. The Earth will be here, we will not. Is money really that important?

We do need to be more alert to what we are sharing, who is saying what, who should we trust? The majority of Americans used to trust scienctists, now, not so much.

It doesn't effect me that Loreena is leaving fb. When Loreena makes a decision, makes an announcement, creates another album, integrity, honesty, and care is at the forefront. I've always felt that she is careful in what she does and how she does it. And that's just 1 of many reasons I adore her. And that allows her beauty to shine from her. I could go on, but my breakfast is cold and the morning is running late.


Spot on, Loreena McKennitt! It takes a lot of courage to walk away from a social medium in which you have so many followers.  My husband and I heard you perform in VT several years ago and your explanation of the "Lost Child" having taken on new meaning for you because of the abuse of connective technologies was poignant and true. I have worked with children for many years and have seen this for myself. 

FB used to be a fun and convenient way to keep up with friends. However it has evolved into a forum for anger, venting, political fighting, etc. I got off during the 2016 campaign for the US presidency because of that and have not missed FB one bit. 

God bless you in your continuing musical and life journey! Your music is wonderful. 



I've been a bit sorry when I heard she'd be leaving facebook in June. It was fun, I could save pictures posted now and then - I can't see anything instead in the emails I receive from QR -  and there were so many fans commenting there, while the messageboard has been a little bit forgotten and abandoned. It'll be the new chance for this forum to come to a new life, while facebook is struggling to survive, because of its managers' dishonesty and lack of respect. 

Being a computer scientist and having worked in the IT security/data privacy industry for all my business life I can only applaud Loreena and her team not only for the very fact of leaving FB but also for sharing the more than sensible thoughts and discussions that led to that decision. Kudos to you!

Indeed, "the stolen child" came to mind when I read the email announcement and listened to the interview available at http://www.cbc.ca/listen/shows...ive/segment/15538572

PS: Wouldn't it make sense to also remove the "Share on FB" button on the very top of this forum? 



Though it is sad to watch Ms. McKennitt to leave Facebook and I do enjoy getting news and updates from there, I respect her decision.  Years ago, Enya did something similar by cutting off her own Twitter account. On the other hand, she still keeps a Facebook account, even though it is used minimally.

This has me torn.  My dream came true when I was able to see her in 2016 in Ashville, NC.  And she talked about (I am  paraphrasing) how fast the world and  technology is growing.  I understood that she meant that we are disconnected from eachother bc we are attached to our computers and phones.  And I totally agree with that, BUT I LOVE being able to connect with friends on FB from HS and elementry school.  And new friends.  Yes, I care about them and want to help support them in hard times.  It goes both ways.  So, i take long breaks and am only going on 3 times a week instead of 15 times a day.  And I am spending more time outdoors and being creative.  So, I’m compromising

It's not always easy to detach yourself from social media, especially when you find something "very interesting." I wish that I could speak with Ms. McKennitt in order to clarify things as some certain points that she made in the recent opinion piece for The Toronto Star are pretty vague or difficult to understand, perhaps not just for myself, but also for others. 

  1. Hi folks,

The whole thing about technology is sometimes exasperating. I've heard Loreena's latest interviews in which she explains the reasons why she's leaving Facebook and I couldn't agree more on her concern about privacy. I'm also worried about how distraction is affecting concentration and the learning process inside and outside schools. As a teacher I'm fully aware of the fact that everything is educational. I think technology should be regarded just as an excellent tool, and not as an aim. To my view, this dependence on phones and technology in general shows how empty many lives have become... maybe because generally speaking, as a society we're less and less concerned about moral or inner progress (...).

I've just received an article from a Canadian friend which talks about the relationship between concentration, success and cell phones, in which the author wonders if we ban cell phones in sports when athletes need to concentrate, why don't we do it in class? The other article is older and states that some Silicon Valley companies have managers whose children go to schools where phones are banned, from the NY Times... quite interesting, I think.

click here: The time has come to ban cellphones in the classroom

click here: A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute

Un cordial saludo a todos from Spain.


Facebook it became a way of life that I hate. Yes, it works to connect people, but is a tool, nothing more and lastly it hurt people sharing private information.

Who needs facebook anyway?

A great and brave step Loreena made leaving facebook. She demonstrated consequence not follow the commercial advice but his own feeling and beliefs. 

Her website is really more important and powerful that facebook. 

All my admiration to an outstanding artist and human being.

Hello, everyone. I hope that you all are well. Thank goodness that Facebook decided to get rid of its controversial "News Feed." That one bugged me for years. It's also a good thing that there is an option for page suggestions and advertisements. In this way, one would not have be bothered by what is considered unnecessary.

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