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I am Emily from Australia. I am 21 this June. I am a student at The University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. (Around 2 hours north of Sydney). I have been insanely in love with Loreena and her wonderfully great music since I was in year 4, and before. My mother often played LM's music when I was very young. Ever since then till present and beyond...I listen to her for every reason, in every mood, on every and any occasion and time. She has helped me through many things in life and so on; and has something very powerful in her voice and words and music, with the crew of course. And blah blah blah, everyone understands where I am going; because on average, everyone is like this, and knows what I am talking about. And yeah.... Smiler Wink Big Grin

Anyway...I am sure LM has only ever been to Australia once ever. 1995. I was 2 years old. My sister, not even born yet. Problem is, I couldn't see Loreena in concert in Australia for very obvious reason. However, I am definitely old enough to go see someone I really like in concert. Whoever I want to see. And my all time favorite, since always, is of course stillllll LM. But there is never a possible opportunity for me or anyone here in Australia and New Zealand to go see her close in concert. Unless you go on a holiday to where she is in concert of course. But "Downunder" is pretty far away from places...... Whoever has seen LM in concert, and spoken to her in real life; (once, twice, 5 times for whatever), pleeeeeeeease don't take that for granted!!! YOU ARE EXTREEEEEMELY LUCKY!!!!! And good on you all. Be happy and proud, and remember it forever.

Now, I do know LM is pretty popular around the whole world...but do we ever get a turn too?? At least once in this century?? Somewhere even a little closer to us?? Don't get us wrong though! We don't want to be pushy, rude, or anything! Some of us are getting a little desperate.....We do understand as well that not the whole country likes or even knows LM. But remember this please!! You can't LIKE the product without TASTING it!! ANNND you can't KNOW about the product without HEARING about it, in the first place!!

Some of us, even most of us, would like to know if you, (LM), and crew, are still going to be doing world concerts? And come to Australia and/or New Zealand in the new or far future, at all??? Especially me, because I (and others) need to know when my deadline is to save up money to travel overseas, JUST TO SEE YOU LM. Its hard to save when you're a poor UNI student, with just a little job on the side, haha. (if you even have to have one during uni).

######## My other super, huge, great idea is "An Alternative For Aussie's". Where LM brings some of us to her, or at least near. ########
Now, a lot of planning would be needed. But I believe it is a great and plausible idea. The "diehard" fans would do anything for it. I have some great ideas for this 'Alternative Plan For Aussie's'., et al. (Respond, email me, and we can discuss). It's only a new idea. I have an opened mind. And I will do absolutely anything and everything to help my country, my people, and your great Aussie LM Fans, and of course New Zealand! Can't forget them.

Some of this, or even most of it, may sound silly and stupid to you, LM, or whoever else. But all we need, all we ask, and all we would like; is a chance. Roll Eyes Wink

Anyone feel free to leave a comment, etc. Big Grin Smiler

The most absolute friendly, and kindest regards,

Emily - From Australia

A voice for the Aussie's.
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Hi Emi,
I understand very well what you're saying. I've had the huge fortune to see L. 3 times, and believe me that I had never thought that it would happen. I know: I'm extremely lucky and proud Smiler. She has made concerts in Italy many times now, but when I heard of her Book of Secrets Tour 1998, it was 2004 and no further touring plans were around the corner. I thought I had missed my one chance to listen to her live and lost hope. At a certain point, the new album's release was announced and the month later, the European tour tickets were already sold. It occured when I least expected, all of a sudden. So, I can give you the tip not to expect it so intensely, but be in the positive mood of who knows that she'll come downunder when/if you don't think much about it. It may work. Wink

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