Loreena attended a meeting of The House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Her

Loreena attended a meeting of The House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, on April 22 in Ottawa. This standing parliamentary committee was holding hearings on New Media and invited her to attend as a witness. In this session they were receiving presentations from representatives of the music recording industry and Loreena was able to offer her perspective as an independent artist and small business owner on the critical need for protection of copyright in the changing digital landscape. Read her opening remarks (18Kb PDF).

Loreena, along with thousands of other Canadians, participated in public consultations last summer on the subject of copyright. Read her submission (26Kb PDF).
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I was wondering what will become of this meeting? It would be nice to know; generally speaking; what the other opinions were. By all means; a creator should retain all rights to their creation unless they decide to give it away.
I got a good chuckle out of the imagery of putting toothpaste back into the tube! Big Grin
Peace and Love be yours,
Hi there,

I read both the Remarks and the Submission. Very informative. I found it to be helpful in understanding this whole issue of piracy and how there is need for reform in protecting artists' "the creators" against infringement from free down loaders, or for those who are just looking to make a "profit off of creations that are not their own". One of the many other points Loreena brought up that I thought really hit home for me, was when she stressed that Artists who have invested a great deal in their careers and small businesses, should have complete control over how their work is used. And if it is not appropriately used, the artists’ request to have whatever is impinging on their creative works should be removed without any argument or question from the opposed person who is not abiding by the rules of copyright or artists’ rights. The written words really gave me a lot to think about in terms protecting my own work.
Dear Loreena and Mark,

first of all, thank you, Mark, for posting this information, and thank you Loreena for caring.

I read through both of the PDF files and I must admit that I understand only half of it. Unfortunarely, I have no idea about copyright laws etc, so maybe someone can recommend a good website where I can learn more?

Apart from that, I have 2 questions.
All what you wrote, Loreena, is kind of abstract to me. So I wonder, if I buy a record via the QR shop/Maple Music, how much of that money does Loreena get in the end? I cannot really imagine how much money she looses when there are that many illegal downloads a month.

The second figure I cannot really grasp is: What does it cost to produce a record and how many records does Loreena have to sell so that it pays off for her?

I'd find it tragic if she decided not to record anymore, or not to tour, because she cannot pay it.

Can't governments simply forbid illegal downloads and filesharing worldwide if it causes such heave losses among creative industry?

I know a South African singer/songwriter who considered releasing her next album on iTunes only. From the reactions she got it became clear that the majority of people still wanted to have "real" CDs to place in their shelves.
So I though, what if there was some kind of "International Music Market Place" online. Maybe something like that already excist. I imagine it to be like iTunes, where you can download single songs and whole albums. But the additional offer would be that you could chose whether you wanted to have the download only, or the album send to you as a hard disc. Like that, you could create your own compilation albums, create a cover, pay it, and have it in your mailbox a few days later.

Well. That was all I had to say on this issue, for the moment. Oh wait, one more question: How likely is it that the Canadian government will change legislation?

Have a nice evening, and kindest regards,
Yesssss! Big Grin There's light at the end of the tunnel! And not just for current musical artists from Canada, but there's hope for all artists (current and upstarts) of all media, and, I pray, from all over the world! If that's true, it's by all means good news for my cousin Ryan (I think I've mentioned him before...) Anyway, I hope things start going on the up-and-up!

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