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It's been too long since I've been on this board and it's great to be back.

I was wondering how many of you on this board have made Loreena fans?

I was eating lunch with a friend and she told me that she has a Honda Civic and so I had to ask, "Do you know who had a Honda Civic?"

She replied, "no" and so naturally I introduced her to Loreena and she fall in love with her. It's so easy to play any one of Loreena's songs and BAM! Loreena has a new fan! I've had great results getting more people to listen to Loreena. I wish it was my career, going around pushing Loreena on people.....sorry....should not say it like that, more like this:

...going around introducing Loreena to strangers and having them go "Awe, who is she, how does she do that, I love her!"

What experience have you had when pushing...oops...sharing Loreena with others?

"In your heart, in your soul, may you find peace there",



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