Loreena in South America

Escuse my English...
Loreena is my favorite singer, but some times I think I won't never watch her concert, beacause I live far, far away that the places of her concerts...
Someone know, if her yet made some show in South Americ?
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Hey there! I thought maybe I was the only south american Loreena fan. Unfortunately she's never been here before, I really hope she will, at least if not to perform, to investigate about the cultures here, that may not be as ancient as the the ones she usually visits, but not for that reason less intriguing. We Argentinians, for example, are a melancholic eclectic culture result of a mixup of other (european mostly) cultures, that's resulting in something worth to investigate from. Where are you from, Tiago? I'm from Buenos Aires.

Big Grin OK... I can't tell you how happy I am I saw this discussion. Loreena is my idol and every single day I wonder why can't we have her hereeeee!! lol. I'm Argentinian too, I'd do anything to see her live, in fact I told my parents...mom, dad if Loreena ever comes here I will even sell the car and every furniture in the house to see her live lol, even though I don't think it will take all that but I'd definilly go, that would be my highest priority Smiler she means a lot to me and I'm so glad to see that here in Argentina Loreena's fan are more and more everyday!! blessings to you all, and pleaseeeeeeee Loreena, we begg you, come hereeee we really want you here!!! lol Big Grin

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