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I was just wondering how many other Loreena Mckennitt fans out there are also metal heads, or at least listen to a fair amount of heavy metal? I feel like I'm probably not the only one, and I was a bit curious to see how popular she is among people who like heavier music. I feel like metal (certain sub-genres, at least) has a lot in common with Celtic and folk music, particularly in terms of instrumental/lyrical complexity and emotion, even though some listeners tend to get overwhelmed by the loudness and speed of metal. Also, if you are a fan of both, what kinds of metal do you enjoy? I just want to see if there are stronger correlations with some of the more "folky" metal sub-genres or if that's an irrelevant detail.

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Hi, I am! And I agree with you and I have also read somewhere once that many that listens to metal also listen to a lot of classical music, could be hard to believe, but the reason to it was that both genres share focus on strong musical elements, dynamics, symphonic and more. And I guess Celtic and folk music could fit into those bits to.


My main metal genres are symphonic metal, gothic metal, nu-metal, alt-metal, power metal. Can you recommend any folk metal bands?

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I also, am a huge fan of metal, and mostly for the reasons already discussed. Old school to most of the newer metal bands have a majority position on my MP3 player. The next but not least space is dedicated to more “ contemporary “, if you will, artists. The talent and skill involved in playing these genres of music is quite involved if you really sit down and listen to it. Can’t really do metal bands that have a vocalist that sounds like they’re tying to eat a microphone. I prefer a “singer”. I dig bluegrass too. Those dudes can shred...

It's so cool to see that there are more of us out there. I personally consider Loreena to be "honorary metal", but I like alot of celtic and fantasy themed metal. I'm a huge fan of stuff like Blind Guardian and Nightwish, Avantasia, Demons and Wizards (a side project featuring the singer of blind guardian and the guitarist from Iced Earth), etc. I also quite like German medieval metal/rock... In Extremo is a good band, as is Faun (they're not really metal... more on the straight up folk celtic music side. They're really talented). I know this would never happen, but I would love to see her do a song with In Extremo. I don't know why, but I feel like it could work if they did a slower song.

Anyone here a Uriah Heep fan, by chance? They're a sixties/seventies band, but I quite like them as well.

Chiming in...I definitely agree about Bonny Swans...and I love metal too. I’ve been listening to metal since around 1994 and Loreena since around 1998, which is basically when I first heard metal/Loreena. I like at least a little bit from many metal subgenres but lately I tend to gravitate more towards black metal and extreme metal. I can’t stand most classical music, though I sometimes like similar music like the stuff immediately before and after the classical period and I know a lot of people who like both. I have a coworker who also loves both metal and Uriah Heap, so they’re definitely another crossover artist in that sense. All of the comments in this thread are spot on!!

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