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I have a question if anyone could answer.  I understand that Loreena McKennitt writes some of her songs based on the works of W. B. Yates and other writings. Do you know if you have to consult with the estate, or publisher in order to use the works?  Is it just a matter of crediting the author, because the song is about the writings, but not taken word for word? I'm so clueless on this matter of arranging music to the words or writings of authors.  I would like to know what knowledge you have on this and wouldn't mind sharing.  

Also, wouldn't it be awesome for one day Loreena McKennitt would give a master class on her writing process?.....

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Actually those matters are up to the dignitary, see when interpreting A writing you take that chance. I would recommend consulting the Author if they are available. For the most part in adding your personal views. The Author would authenticate what you wrote if you were together on A writing. Such as many songs have been sung from the Bible, turn, turn, A time for every purpose under Heaven. That's why they call it A dignitary when you interpret writings. The Byrds did A fine job with that interpretation. As the spirit moves you harken unto God to direct you. Loreena's dignified in her interpretations. So the Author is well pleased and that made it A writing discovery into another realm of thought. Kind of like getting or giving A Christmas present, it's just your thought intentions that count. Now this is what I am going through, except I have writings that need the Grammar corrected.

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