Loreena Scored on You Tube

Some of you may have seen this posted on You Tube in reference to the lovely, Seven Rejoices of Mary.

I get the impression Loreena would count this as a heartwarming sentiment to read at Christmas in our troubled times.

Bless the Lady who sings the song and the one for writing the reply.


Nkonito (1 week ago)

I m muslim and this son brought me tears...coz in the end we r all gods creation...Allah, boudha, Jesus...in the end...its god Smiler
End Quote

Absolutely Wonderful.

Merry Christmas Loreena
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Yes, I really like how QuinlanRoad has been posting videos to Youtube... they are certainly getting a good amount of views... and what is amazing to me is how tens of thousands of people have watched the videos and how pretty much EVERYONE rated it a 5 Star video!


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