Lost Souls - Casebound CD

I think that would be cool if the album came in nice packaging like some of the other ones. Sadly, for a certain group of us, we have to purchase the standard version instead of something "deluxe"...as it can cost money. We know that not everything good comes with fancy hors' d'oeuvres. (Someone please pass me the canapes.)

I've pre ordered my copy but it is NOT PROCESSED YET for shipping. I don' t get it, I was sure to get it this coming week. 

And no digital codes has been sent to me when the item begun available. I'm very disappoint, because I want to listen to the record at least in a digital way.

Check your order status (for those in Europe) let me know if some of you has the same delayed

I preordered the bundle the day it was announced and never received an order confirmation, but did receive the digital tracks released at the time.

Last week, on the day the album came out, I got another email saying that orders are “queued up and ready to ship”, and it included a link to download a digital copy. I guess shipping got backed up somehow, so they sent a digital copy through email to make sure the album was received on release day in some form.

Whoa. So much talk about collecting albums and pre-ordering "Lost Souls" here. I wonder if the new album cover could be plated in gold or platinum. That would be worth a fortune and while it may be coveted by most people, those who can afford it will have it in their hands...or at least someone else will. 

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