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Dear Mark,

As the MB increases in size, is there something that can be done to better organize topics? For example, as the "General" forum grows, could newer, more specific Forums be started up? And, if this were to occur, could topics then be moved to the appropriate forum? As an example, I wrote a topic in the "General" category on LM & Celebrity Non-Celebrityism. Now that the MB has a Forum for "Greenslade BLOG / Media Accountability / Cult of Celebrity / Privacy Discussion," can I move my topic there? If so, how?

Thanks Mark.
Donna Betts
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Good afternoon Donna. I can move this topic from General to the other forum. I think out of fairness to those ho are expecting it in the General forum, I will post a note that the topic is moving and so so in about t24 to 48 hours.

As for the relevancy filtering, I will look into that and see what the options are for ordering the topics.

I saw that the forum "moved" again and has been re-reorganised today Smiler.

What about doing something with the 2 sections "An Ancient Muse" and "Nights From The Alhambra"? Because these are 2 "creations", "productions" of Loreena, but now that they are not new anymore, it seems a little "strange" to see them "alone".
Perhaps you could make a section for each album or a general section for all the album where we could talk about them and find all the versions forumers create or find on the web...?...

I don't know, I was thinking this but I don't know what is possible for you and if there's time in QR to think about that...

Best regards,
The Very Old Elf.

I must say that I find the organization of these forums quite irritating at times. for example, there are extra forums for some of the albums (the four newest ones, I believe), but everything else is just put into the "General" forum, where it takes me ages too see whether or not there IS already a topic which MIGHT answer my questions, or not.
Wouldn't it be more sensible and strategical to create one forum for each album where we can discuss everything related to it?
Also, in the "General" forum often topics appear that don't have to do anything with Loreena McKennitt. A recent example would be the topic about Michael Jackson. If I ran a message board I'd create one forum where people could discuss "general" things about Loreena and another one where other "random" topics could be discussed. Like, for example, other musicians, books, exhibitions, whatever.
I'd also like to have a section about Loreena's band members here, because I'd be interested to learn more about them.

I hope this post doesn't seem to rude to you, Mark, and to your co-moderators. You're doing a great job already, and I believe you've got much to do. But maybe if you have some spare time you might like to think about my suggestions.

Cheers, Anni

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