Ms. McKennitt's Winter Break

Well, it's chilly at this time of year, especially in Canada where Ms. McKennitt is from, and after months of touring, the "Singing Colonel" could sure use a well-deserved break away from the office and to get away from it all. (Yes, I mean in military terms, "rest and relaxation" or "r&r"). In my mind, I see her spending time in Florida--perhaps in Miami--and relaxing on the beach while she watches the waves lap on the sand. I reckon that she may not mind being with the colorful fish, the manatees and the bottlenose dolphins. Or maybe in Orlando, where she is visiting Disney World and hanging out with Mickey Mouse and especially Tinker Bell (along with a possible photo opportunity or two with the characters). Either way, she would definitely be wearing sunglasses and it's not just look little bit like a movie star (even if she does not intend to). How about you folks? Which warm destination would you like to see Ms. McKennitt spend her winter break?

Natalie A. Bohay

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Hi Loreenya, time sure passes by quickly. I can't remember the last time I've been on the board.

I don't envision Loreena in a warm place, I think she'd been in her home with a roaring fired petting her dogs and reading. Yet again, I don't know her that well and don't want to say for sure of what she's doing until she lets us know.

What are you doing this Winter break? I'm recovering from bronchitis and the death of my father-in-law and 7 hours after him, my best friend Nancy passed away. This year began very sadly. Last year was just as sad as we had 5 deaths throughout the year.

The best thing about last year was 1 special weekend where on Saturday Nancy, my son, his wife and my sister were enticed by Loreena, Brian, and Caroline. Then on Sunday my brother, Brian and I watched Bill Maher perform at the same venue! It was a wonderful weekend to carry me through the rest of the year.

I was just glad that Nancy had the chance to experience Loreena and her music live twice. Nancy was grateful and was thrilled by Loreena and her beautiful voice and music and stories!

I hope where ever Loreena is and whatever she is doing, she is safe, fed, hydrated, healthy, happy, and loved.

Peace and Love Be With You,


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