Never get tired

With what I have choosen to do in life, it can be very hard at times. But when I get into my car, LM's music is there to lift my spirit's/mood to get me focus to go to the next house. I never get tired of listening.

The funniest thing is when we cruise in my husband's "hotrod" & bellowing out over the loud noise of his engine is LM's voice. Can't tell you how many funny looks we get at the traffic lights. But we both smile.
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G'day there!!

Sorry, I have never seen this post before. I really like your last paragrapgh! I am like that too!! hahahaha. Sooooo many weird looks!! My sisters get sooooo embaressed!! hahaha
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But its good though, hehe. And good on you for doing that! You should be proud of yourselves for proudly playing her music out loud!!

Wink !!!*~Emi~*!!!

P.s. Very nice to meet you!

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