New music and live performances is where it's at....

We already have most if not all of Loreena's music on cd's and dvd's. So
just repackaging them into a box set would be redundant.

A nice booklet of concert photo's of loreena and the band would make a nice coffee table book.
That would be very nice to have.

As an ex dj, I can say that yes I did play Loreena's music every so
often, and many times I'd end the night with "Dante's Prayer." people
would get up and slow dance to that song and I always got thanked for
playing it.

I gave up on albums decades ago because they would get scratched and skip
very easily. I don't even have a turntable anymore. My music collection
is all cd's and dvd's.

I'm not dj'ing anymore do to health reasons and besides, who wants an
old dj ??? Nobody!!! Hahahaha !!

Have a great day !!
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I quite agree with djwayne, although I'm not a Dj !! I can understand why djwayne think that it would be redundant, I think most of the fans would want some new materials, like :

-Rare songs never released
- A book (I know there was a project)
-A new album etc

The fact is the vinyl may have a better sound, can be considered like a collector item, but it's not practical and with time it gets old and doesn't work like before ! With CD, sound stays the same with time.

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