New Single: Caravanserai

I see there are what I assume to be promo's of the new Caravanserai surfacing on the net. with SIX different mixes:-
QUOTE:- "#1 is the "S.A.F. Radio Mix" and is 3:45 long, #2 is the "S.A.F. Pocket Mix" and is 3:45 long, and #3 is the "S.A.F. Energy Mix" and is 3:45 long. #4 is the "S.A.F. Eclectic Mix" and is 4:04 long, #5 is the "Album Version (Edit) and is 3:53 long, and #5 is the "Album Version (Full Mix)" and is 7:36 long."

Can anyone throw some light on the "offical" release date, and track listing. etc etc..

Out of curiosity just wahat does S.A.F. stand for?? Roll Eyes
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Originally posted by Vinylsearch:
Hi Vale, I'm afraid that there is no more information on the page than what I have already quoted...... Confused
I'm with Vale -- Could you post a link to the website? If we could point our browsers to it, one of us might be able to find out more about these various mixes....

Since you have admitted that the songs were up for sale on E-bay, I have to say this:

While it may not be illegal to purchase new music on sites such as E-bay, how much money are you taking away from Loreena simply because you wish to "save some money" or think you are getting a "great deal" on it? Think about it for a minute or two -- How much of the "purchade price" goes to Loreena? Does ANY of that money go to Loreena at all?

Loreena McKennitt is an artist and deserves to be paid for her work. When you purchase these items from someone who does not send even half of one percent of the purchase price to her, you are in effect NOT supporting her work. It may be just myself, but if I were Loreena (or any other artists alive right now) I would not be at all "amused" at the disrespect being paid me by these people selling my work on E-bay -- especially since they are not licensed to sell my Copyrighted work.

If you truly love Loreena as much as you say, then go to a place which is licensed to sell her work, such as Amazon or BMG Music -- Or best yet, just go ask the folks at Quinlan Road. You do remember who they are, right?

Artur, at the risk of sounding Trollish, It has to be said that your post is one of the most sanctimonious loads of old rubbish I have ever read

Firstly a "Promo" is an item given away by the artist/record company, to anyone (radio station/magazine/whoever) to publicise an upcoming release etc..

By purchasing a promo on ebay, you are in fact taking nothing away from the artist, because the artist has allready agreed to give these away free & gratis in order to publicise their work.

With this promo's case you are certainly getting nothing cheap, and certainly not a bargain..but this would not deter a fan of Loreena's from wishing to hear the new material as soon as possible..

There could be an argument that by purchasing a promo you will not buy the actual item, but to be honest that is also incorrect.

If a collector of Loreena's work wishes to pay large for the promo, (which may have an extra mix or two on it) he/she is also happy to buy the released article, to get the art work etc. etc..

If it were possible to go to Amazon/who ever to buy these items, then I know that I would be happy to do so. Just as I am sure I will be buying the new single when it is finally released.

If your argument is against Loreena's work in general being sold cheaper than it is possible to buy in a store, then consider this...

If the CD/whatever is new it has to have been bought somehow (bulk/wholesale/whatever) and Loreena in due course will be paid her royalties etc..

If the item is someone selling an album, that they no longer wish to own, then again the royalties will have been paid, on the first purchase..

Of course I am aware of who Quinlan Road are. They are Loreena's organisation / web site who will have given their permission for the promo release. I have been watching the web site for any news of any new release for many years. So far they have been silent on any specific details, on the content of, or release date of, the forthcoming single.

Now as you were so keen on having your browser pointed, perhaps you can still find the time to tell us what S.A.F. Stands for.........
And about me, I would like to have that cd, because includes special versions not available anywhere else.
Can I send an S.O.S. to Mark and Loreena too, to let us having it, even paying for that item? As a collectionist, it would not just be a part of collection, but another piece of Loreena's heart, brought to us.
Let's sing up here: maybe someone will be inspired and might help us?...
Originally posted by Fabio:
And about me, I would like to have that cd, because includes special versions not available anywhere else.

Who knows it's possible the single may have all these mixes on it.. we will just have to wait for some official news from Quinlan Road... Cool
Originally posted by Vinylsearch:
Artur, at the risk of sounding Trollish, It has to be said that your post is one of the most sanctimonious loads of old rubbish I have ever read

Firstly a "Promo" ....
First, I said nothing about a "promo". I KNOW what a "promo" is, and what I saw on E-bay was not a "promo", but still-in-the-plastic NEW items. Items which may have been purchased legally, but are now up for sale to the "highest bidder". I have a problem with people re-selling -- for a profit -- a living artist's work and NOT paying royalties on it. If that is being "sanctimonious", then so be it.

Having the right to do something does not automatically make it the right thing to do.

Hello Betty, the first time I visited the website there were copies available, but now, as you can see, there are not any. However, the same thing happened when I found the other cd-single of Caravanserai (with only 2 versions) in the same website some weeks ago. After some days it was available again. This is the reason why I recommended you this website, I hope I wasn't wrong to do that. If I did, sorry for any inconvenience, I'll be more careful next time.


Originally posted by Betty:
SmilerOk but how is possible to have this cd Manel?
Is it available or no?I don't understand...?
I knew I would be away from my computer when that auction ended, so for the first time ever I used a sniping program.. Cool

Got the beastie for less than half my max bid.. Big Grin

still waiting for it to arrive from USA Frowner

when I get it I'll let you know what I personally think of the mixes..
I've had this Promo for 4 days now, and I still can't make my mind up about it.

It's by Loreena, so of course I find it interesting... BUT if I was Joe Public listening to this on the radio, it would probably wash straight over me, and I would never care If I ever heard it again..

All the SAF mixes are similar, though the "Eclectic" mix with the clarinet gives a nice soulful feel..

Basically the drums are identical to the album, but are brought right to the top of the mix, giving it a radically different feel. add some electronic noodlings, and it has the effect of doubling the beats per minute quota..Everything else, ie Hurdy gurdy etc has been buried down into the mix

It sounds like Loreena herself played with this track in the studio as well, as there is a nice "calling" multitracked vocal chorus... but this again could be very skilfull editing of the master tapes..

The whole thing now has the gentle beats feel of a mellow trance track.. which is not a bad thing in itself... but this is almost as if Loreena doesn't know which market to aim at..

I'm guessing that the feedback to this promo has been similar to my own observations, hence the loud sound of silence from Quinlan Road.. but I would love to be proved wrong.. Big Grin

This release IMHO is one for Fans only..
Originally posted by Carol(ine):
I have some question about "Caravanserai" song. Do anyone have the instrumental version, or know where can I get it?
Any information would be helpfull.

I don't know if it is any help but if you go to the shopping part of the page then to sheet music, maybe there would be something there for you?!?!

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