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Boy, oh boy. I can't wait for Ms. McKennitt's next concert tour. There is no doubt that you folks (er, Legionaries for that matter) are excited too. I hope that the "Colonel" does come back to the Fox Theater (in Detroit) as I have memories of her performing there for "The Ancient Muse" and the theater's bewitching, ornate and palatial design (red velvet seats included). What I also look forward to is what Mark has to say about the dates. We are just getting hungry for it, but those among us who are patient. Who is ready for it?

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Definitely! Going to get as close as possible unlike the last concert of making the decision to sit in front on the balcony in hopes to get a full view experience. But this time? Nope. Hahaha. If I could sit at the pit of her feet for 1 hour, lol, then that would be worth it this time around.  😂😂👏👏 Bwahhaha. Yassss. 

Well I hope that you get to sit up in front as well and that the stage setting permits you to. And or even if this time her team and her would gift the United States tour those special vip before the show that she did for Europe. Definitely get on that instead even though they costed 200 bucks. Oh lewd. Haha. 

Pa, the US tour is the one that I am anticipating; however, the other issue is the cost of sitting up in the front and I am not sure if either my friend(s) or I can afford that. Two hundred dollars is too much over the roof (especially if I had to be in a venue where there is a cracked ceiling over your head, even though, at the same time, you perceive this to be a modest spot to be in like I had last time.) 

Yes, I can definitely understand the struggle of the cost being steep. Not including taxes too right? Yikes. But eh think of it in a way of, "Hey! I deserve it! I work hard for what? So I think I could save a little and spend two pretty penny on myself every once in a while right?". Haha. But then again, that's for you to make the decision on what would work best for you and your friend. And ehhh I see you around the thread quite often as well. Yayya. But if you don't mind me asking, what is it that you like about LM to make such an effort as well? Is there a story to it? 


I had the privilege of being up front for two concerts in smaller halls in 2016--I was about twenty feet from the stage.  It was pretty wonderful and it wasn't that expensive per seat.  It was just the trio, though, so it may be more expensive for the whole band.

Ravenlyn, consider yourself happy enough to pay the extra money...and I don't blame you if the prices are expected to be high for the next time around. So, make ready and keep on your toes when it's announced. 

As for you, Pa, I want to say that this love and admiration for "Colonel" McKennitt kind of runs in the family. I also give my close friend the credit as well...not to mention the ever-popular "The Mummers Dance," which I heard on the radio during the days of my youth. I remember that song being blasted over the speakers at miniature golf courses on at least two separate occasions and of course, on the radio. I also wonder if that whole community ranking thing do some good for me. I met Ms. McKennitt personally and I have to tell you that the way she treated me turned the lightbulb on in my head. I like how accessible this message board is. I have been for years for Enya to show up and nothing has happened as of yet ("recluse" is actually a misnomer for that one)...if you get the drift.        

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