Dear MessageBoard folks.

As of February 16th, 2008, we at Quinlan Road have begun what we hope will be ongoing interactive, online communications. This forum is intended to focus on people's thoughts suggestions or comments, regarding past or future communications. Please feel free to leave your comments and know they are greatly appreciated.
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Wow, Mark, that was fast! I figured I would see this sub-forum started on Monday.

I feel the chat went very well - I was counting as I went along and I think about 25 questions were answered. The only downside I saw was that I felt was the typing space was a bit small (being one line wide). I had to backspace quite a bit to proofread and worried by the time I typed out everything the question would become incoherent. I am unfamiliar with chat systems in general, however I do use instant messenging services that use a bigger typing window (a few line width) that would allow the viewer to see clearly what they are typing. This is a minor inconvenience, I know, and perhaps would be better served by pre-writing my question and copy/pasting the entry into the window.

The one question I had relates to when people line up for the chat. I didn't realize the minute we got in we could start typing in the question for the chat and I sat there in a bit of confusion til I saw the first submission go through. Obviously I know the drill for future chats now, but could there be a QR notice telling us when to submit our question for others who may not have been to this chat that wouldn't know the drill?

All in all I think everyone did wonderfully. A round of thanks to everyone at QR and of course Loreena for being receptive to this idea and making it all possible.

Also, I started a post in the "General" section elaborating more on the question I asked Loreena in the chat. If Loreena wants to read it more to get a better idea of what I was thinking, she can read it here:

My Longer Slideshow Explanation

Originally posted by Celtickat:
Never having been part of anything like this before, I felt that the chat went very well, and I look forward to more of the same, whenever Loreena might find the time to fit them into her schedule!

Like Angie, I was rather intimidated by the one-line-only space to type in, so rather than try typing in something so LONG that I'd not be able to tell what I'd entered or what errors I'd made, I whittled my little question down more than I'd like to have done. Would there be any way around having such a short line of space in which to enter a question?

For instance, is it really possible to have a question 'pre-typed' and just copy-and-paste it in, at the specified time? If so, that would sure help!

Another thing I'm wondering is, were the questions today simply taken in the order of submission, first-come, first-serve, or was there some form of 'selection' process used? From the looks of things, we needed to have our questions all in before the chat technically began, hence, there was at least one apparent near-duplication which couldn't be helped; that is why I ask about any selection which might have been involved.

It will be wonderful to be able to find these questions and answers placed on the website, as well. I wish to thank everyone involved in this effort--Loreena and her moderators indeed gave us a real gift, today!


Hi Jeanne, I know that the question I asked Loreena I had typed within about a few minutes or so after Loreena's greeting came up and before the first guest question. My question then appeared within the first third of the chat. I think there are two factors here, one of which you suggest: a selection process for content appropriateness and a "lag" or "drag" effect. The "lag" effect being that people might have typed in a particular kind of question while someone before them had already typed in a question of similar import. And so, to honor the "first come, first serve" rule perhaps the moderators had to run some to all of the questions which were similar in content. Of course, this is all just guesswork, for I truly don't know how all this is done.

Best Blessings Celtickat,

I would like again to thank Loreena and the QR staff for host/hostessing this wonderful Chat.

I thought everything went very well and I cannot wait for another chance to cross conduits and fiberwires of time and space to be in Loreena's vicarious Presence again!

I noticed that a couple of people here have commented on the single-line space format where we were to enter our questions. My feelings are mixed on this point. On the one hand, it was somewhat awkward to cursor back and forth to proofread the question I typed. But, on the other hand, this format probably helps people to pare down their questions to get at the heart of what they would like to ask Loreena, thereby allowing others more time to ask their questions and receive responses.

Maybe some sort of a "window" where all who participate in the chat can see the topic appropriate questions that currently wait in Loreena's queue would be helpful in reducing guest's duplicate questions while also diversifying the chat with sub-topics related to the main topic.

In any event, I am in a state of no small ecstasy to have been fortunate enough to participate in this pilot-project, and cannot wait, when Loreena's busy life permits, for another chance to chat!

Best blessings to all, and thank you so much, Loreena and QR!


"May the best wishes that can be forged in your thoughts be servants to you." ~Shakespeare
My first chat experience. What can I say? Simply wonderful to have the chance to talk to Loreena directly. Fortunately she has answered my question, I did want it so much. Thanks! It's really exciting to think that she is before her computer screen and reads all our messages. I look forward to the next one, like this text-based chat, as I couldn't join the other one with audio/visual components...
Loreena is really so a special person that thinking that I have chatted with her makes me very, very proud. Still unbelievable and unforgettable. Good night Canada, it's still early over there!!

Originally posted by Mark:
Dear MessageBoard folks.

As of February 16th, 2008, we at Quinlan Road have begun what we hope will be ongoing interactive, online communications. This forum is intended to focus on people's thoughts suggestions or comments, regarding past or future communications. Please feel free to leave your comments and know they are greatly appreciated.

Mr. Mark:
I love the chat! I loved Ms. McKennitt being in our er, presence. I want to talk with Loreena more. After all, she and I have some important matters to discuss.

Hi all
i am new here on this forum , but i am a very old fan of Ms.Loreena's
i am very happy to find this message board,i want to thank her (and the team )very much for the great opportunity to chat with her last Saturday and i hope she could do it again .
Hi Folks,

Perhaps my past experiences with Chatrooms for professionals may help the few chatters who have some questions. Smiler

First, I'd like to mention that - without a doubt - I'm certain that Loreena and whomever set up the Chatroom tried to offer the best for everyone.

1. There has been the question of how the questions are selected.

In the Chatrooms that I have worked in, the questions/statement submissions were usually seen by the Administrative Moderators. It was then their decision to select what they wanted the audience to view.

Now, I don't know what type of Chatroom platform QR has, but it became immediately clear to me that Loreena was being respectful for all incoming questions and well wishes being sent to her, as logically, I could not see any type of 'rigid moderation' going on, meaning, a 'careful selection' or triage of going through the incoming questions/statements.

I immediately sensed that Loreena wanted to be courteous towards all people who were submitting their remarks by allowing them to see it, whether 'questions' or not, and by the looks of it, the questions and/or statements were being 'released' as soon as they were coming in, hence that to me did appear as a first-come and first-serve basis.

2. As for the one-line typing space, this is normal for large chatrooms. It's just a question of acclimating or getting use to the space of one line.

Personally, I find that typing in "notepad" first, and then copying and pasting it in the line helps a great deal. It allows me also the opportunity to "proof-read" my words before submission.

3. When there are many submissions entering in the queue, the 'chat server' has to process the information as quickly as possible. Sometimes in the processing, a 'lag effect' takes place.

I remember one Chatroom where people were flocking in at a momentum where the 'Chat server' couldn't handle the fast influx, and people started to get bumped off, aside from their submissions being randomly displaced.

In this respect, one submission can be technically knocked off by the Server if it bumps into another submission. Much the same principle as trying to fill a bottle with blue, red and yellow marbles...we really don't know where all these marbles are going to land in the jar until they've settled.

In essence, the Chat Server is trying its best to process as quickly as possible. Again, the 'lag' symptom results in the 'processing' (bandwidth speed).

Side note: Also, your computer has a say in this as well. Obviously, those on DSL, will have a better chance of rendering faster submissions than someone on ordinary 'dial-up'.


I hope this has helped to answer a few questions. Overall, I found that Loreena handled this first-time Chat quite well, and I enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you QR Staff and Loreena!

Much love to all,
Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Loreena, Mark and the QR staff for undertaking something as innovative as the chatroom!

Since I have been involved programming similar communication systems, I know many of the pitfalls. So I was quite happy that the chatroom actually started, Loreena was there, and that we were able to talk to her in pretty much "real-time." As to the actual sequence of events, I'm not sure. Some short questions seemed to be answered almost immediately, but in my case it was a half hour between when I submitted the question and when it popped on the screen. I was SO excited! Smiler I guess the moderator must have been managing the flow.

For the people who have asked about the single-line typing space, I agree with Shan-Lyn that it's best to use Notepad or Wordpad and copy and paste. If anyone has no idea what we are talking about I would be glad to post more detailed instructions for Windows users, either here or via some off-line method such as email.

Like freesoul, I feel very very proud to have chatted with Loreena. Now I think I will play Dante's Prayer on repeat for an hour or so...


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