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¬°Muchas gracias, Mask and Mirror! This video contains many brilliant comments on Loreena's music (hurray Argentina!). There's just one that particularly has attracted my attention which says "I think, in a way, she rescued the spirit of art". I am not afraid to say that she's one of those artists that have made certain areas of art and culture available to many people, like Pavarotti has done with opera.
By the way, I love the supposed new version of "The old ways" included in this new album, it's even better than the old one.

nice interview unfortunately I understand very very little .... unfortunately there is always the problem of language .....
I would like to be there on May 10th ... but it's so far away ... So I just have to wait ...

purtroppo non ho capito quasi nulla...parlan troppo velocemente...bho tu hai capito?
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I've found a recent video of last month. I've managed to see it hardly, as it works on and off, but you may have most likely better laptops with more updated programmes. I think it was Ideacity conference 2014 in Toronto, June 19.

Thank You so much, I really enjoyed seeing Loreena Perform once again !! I've already watched it 4 or 5 times !!

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