Questions and Starting Points for Discussion

Questions and Starting Points for Discussion

Dear Vinyl Discussion Respondents,

As promised, here are the questions about Loreena’s latest vinyl project. Please begin your responses with some information about your experience with vinyl. For example, are you interested in vinyl purely from an academic standpoint or are you an audiophile who has never stopped playing vinyl records?

1) As many of you will have already purchased or be aware of other box sets, you will know they often come with extras. Naturally, more things cost more money, but people seem to like the extras. In addition to the actual records, what other content elements do you feel are “essential” and which items are simply “nice to have”? Examples of these items may include a booklet of liner notes, companion CDs, photos, etc.

2) We are considering creating a box set of all Loreena’s studio recordings (minus the live and seasonal ones):
Parallel Dreams
The Visit
The Mask and Mirror
The Book of Secrets
An Ancient Muse
Does this assembly of recordings work best? If not, what would your preferred box set composition consist of, and what price range would be most suitable for you? Please keep in mind the unique and high quality aspects that would inform the project: 180 gram, individually numbered, limited-edition, perfectly mastered discs.

3) It has also been suggested that we create a vinyl box set of Nights from the Alhambra, again on high quality, 180 gram, individually numbered discs. Please let us know what you think about this idea, including what other content elements, besides the vinyl, you feel are “essential” and which items are simply “nice to have”? Examples of these items may include a booklet of liner notes, companion DVDs, photos of Loreena at the Alhambra performance, etc.

4) We were also considering creating a vinyl box set for the Christmas/Winter recordings:
To Drive the Cold Winter Away
A Midwinter Night’s Dream
These too would be on high-quality, 180 gram, individually numbered discs. Please let us know what you think about this idea, including what other content elements, besides the vinyl, you feel are “essential” and which items are simply “nice to have”? Examples of these items may include special Christmas cards, a songbook, companion CDs, photos, etc.

5) Taking into consideration that people store records often according to whether or not their records are actually being played regularly, please indicate how you’d like to see a box set packaged. Would you prefer a box with a lid, or a sleeve created such that one can stand the box set up and view the spines of each album?

Thank you very much for your contributions!
Original Post
Thank you for asking your fans for input to the many project you have. I am a one of the hi-end audio fans that has always purchase Lps whenever possible. I listen to vinyl at home and CDs in my car. I also recognise the power of the MP3, but unfortunately I feel that for other than individual listeming (i.e. personnal player with headphonses)the quality is lacking. But it is still a viable format. The addition of a free download with the purchase of the LP is a good idea.

I have purchased the latest LP - The Wind that Shakes the Barley and love listening to it. The limited edition of 5,000 seems like a respectable quantity.

As far as box sets - the idea is great I know that the above average fan will be looking forward to them. The cost might be a bit steep. With the 7 regular, the 2 Christmas/Winter and the 3 live albums, maybe a staggered release schedule for all LPs would make this easier to achieve for all (financially). Then creating the actual box to house all of the LPs (the box being only available through QR ) would be great. Since this would be a large box it should be sturdy (a box siminar to the format of the Christmas gift box and the Book of Secrets style would not really do) maybe a box similar to the ones used for the Readers Digest LP editions or like Pearl Jam's Ten special edition would be more the style required. That box might also contain the little extras fans want (All the non-album tracks that are on CD singles and some songs from films and plays that have never been available to us) (this would be a good idea on CD also).

Fans could do advance pre-order at QR to reserve the individually numbered titles that would match all titles and the box number they own (might be time and $$$ cunsuming).

Thank You.

Sylvain Sarrazin

Since I've long ago (for several reasons) stopped using vinyl I can only provide for a short reply.

Yes, I would have been interested in those box set(s) and would likely have bought them all, even if I owned all the CDs already. Smiler

I don’t know much about this, I’ve got the “wind that shakes the barley” on vinyl, but I’ve never listened to this. So I’m not the best person to talk about this, of course I know that the sound of the vinyl is much better than a CD; anyway, this is my humble opinion:

I don’t have a turn table (yet), but absolute sure I’ll buy the box set, but for now it’s not because I’ll listen to them, but because I want to collect Loreena’s items. I almost don’t have time to listen to the CDs; I listen to the songs more on my computer or on my mobile. A Vinyl is not something practical and I’m afraid to scratch it! That’s why my “TWTST” vinyl is inside the box, exactly like Maple Music sent me.

Well, I intent to buy a turn table, so this Box will be very welcome!

This box set sounds like a collector’s item. Well, I prefer a box with a sleeve (like “The Journey Begins - 4 Disc Boxed Set (Collector's Edition)” right? (I love that box…).

And what I’m imagine is not exactly a booklet, but something more like a book (the same size as a vinyl), with the lyrics, photos (more photos than we have on the cds: photoshoots, of the places that have inspired the songs, photos of the day that Loreena was recording and maybe of the concerts too), linear notes (the entire texts) – like the old editions (I noticed that now, the texts are shorter), maybe some sentences from interviews too (like ”Words and music” → some are very important to understand some details of the songs) – and maybe only in one language.

I don’t know if a vinyl box set of Nights from the Alhambra would be interesting, I’ve got the DVD and the CDs, and I’ve never listened to the CDs, honestly, I don’t even know if they work. Maybe a Blu-Ray would be better (full of extras) – maybe the DVD “AMMF” could be an extra. But here I think you should focus on a new Live DVD.

I’ve got “A Midwinter Night's Dream Deluxe Limited Edition Box” and I like the cards, but I will never send them, so photos on a book would be better, of course it doesn’t have to be so long like a real book. We know that a vinyl is not something practical, so would be nice to put the Vinyl to play and read the linear notes, travel with her words, with photos of the places; almost like a ritual, I think that listening to a vinyl is a ritual, the smell, the turn table, side A, side B, is something to enjoy... I almost can see this box set in my mind (yes, my imagination is a problem...)

Now, about the price, I think I have a HUGE problem here! A box set with 6 Vinyls (more a beautiful booklet) will cost something around U$115?? I’d pay this, BUT I CAN’T BUY!!! Here we have a law that we can’t buy more than U$50,00 for purchase. And if you’re planning to release around the world, let me tell you that Universal is not doing a good job here. It’s very hard to find Loreena’s albums, and I bet that they won’t sell this box set here. Maybe you could do something a little weird like selling album by album, and one of them could come with the box and the booklet. Maybe it’s a stupid idea, because it’ll be a BOX SET and maybe because it’s only a Brazilian problem.

Selling the albums apart wouldn’t be a collector’s item (maybe), but you could control how many copies you’d make of each album, and could make a special price for those who buy the vinyl + the CD.

I wasn’t much excited, I had written another text to post here explaining why; but now I really like the idea, I just still afraid it won’t sell, perhaps Loreena should focus on new tours, in a new material, because this box will be a risk, is not everyone who cares about the quality of the sound, who has patience to listen to a vinyl, who will buy old albums, who has the money to buy this. I don’t have the numbers to explain this; probably you have, so you know how many copies to make and what is better for you.

Now, sorry for my long text and my poor English, and thanks for asking our opinion about this, good luck on this new project!
For me a booklet with lyrics is important. The rest is nice or even extremely nice Big Grin .

Furthermore I don't like different sets that have different extras and I don't like to buy the same CD (or vinyl) over and over again just for the extras. So I prefer the masterset with all the extras or an alternative way to obtain the extras without having to buy the CD/vinyl again.

Just my 2 cents for the discussion.
Hello all at Quinlan Road !

Because I'm 20 years old and got only a CD player, I don't buy vinyls, they are collectors items, but I only buy CDs. I already own all Loreena's albums so I would love to be released a Box set with never released recordings, or ealier ones like : The three Ravens, Ye rambling boys of pleasure, gallant soldier... A collection of never released tracks, demos along with a Booklet with liner notes, and pictures.

I know members of the community are still buying vinyls but if only vinlys are released a huge part of fans who only buy CD's wouldn't buy them.

That's my thought and contribution to this thread, I hope I helped you ! Thank you for asking us !
Regarding vinyl -vs- digital in general and Audiophiles.

"Audiophiles" as a group are not always music lovers, they are more interested in the experience of sound. These are the folks who are usually on the look out for the newest visceral sonic thrill.

Much of the hardware they purchase is driven by magazine reviews and not accuracy of sound reproduction.

It should be noted that Audiophiles do not hear or experience sound in the same way as musicians or music lovers. These folks have their own set of preferences and they are usually not driven by accuracy of recording reproduction.

Beyond this, the vast majority of listeners have no accurate point of reference of what any given recording should sounds like as they were not present during the recording process or has access to the actual recording space, post production or any of what actually happened during the recording,. Their ideal sonic qualities are usually driven by personal preferences, not accurate recording reproduction.

It was not that long ago when Sony's digital audio ad slogan was, "Perfect Sound Forever!"
Sony offered tee shirts with this claim. Today, most folks involved with digital audio have come to realize digital sound is not perfect forever.

Many of todays problem with digital audio was a result of analog standards pressed into idealized digital audio specifications. The wide spread belief back then was 16 bits with a sampling rate of 44.1Khz is perfect and all that would ever be needed. Storage capacity was driven by the marketing folks (Sony & Phillips) to store Beethoven's 9th on a single disc, not sound quality. A study done by Sony proved that the rainbow colored reflection of the CD was the primary appeal and sound quality was far less significant.

Time has proven this standard to be woefully inadequate. No one doing serious studio recording work would master in 16 bits, 44.1Khz if they can help it.

The current digital audio standard of 16 bit, 44.1 Khz suffers from extremely difficult filter design, clock jitter, DAC accuracy, DAC amplifier problems, digital noise problems and much much more.

What has happened, digital audio has traded off for a different set of problems relative to the then well developed analog recording and reproduction chain.

Despite the technical problems, digital audio has been a commercial success for all involved at the cost of lower sound quality. Digital audio as been about making dollars, not improving recorded sound quality.

For all who do not believe high quality analog vinyl can produce significantly better sound quality, they have never heard a high quality analog vinyl playback system.

Vinyl recoding that were originally with digital can have compounded problems of both digital and analog recording chains making the resulting vinyl recording far worse than a good digital recording.. Much depends on the quality of the original recordings. If the original masters were done on magnatic tape, the odds are these magnetic tape masters would have degraded and will need careful consideration before re-releasing them for production.

Based on personal experience with early Lorenna recordings on vinyl, they produce significantly better sound than any of the compact disc recordings.

I would suggest the staff at QR visit and speak to Graeme Humfrey at (Montreal, Canada) to discuss the whole topic of specialty audio and recordings in general.

I call myself a collector (I got about 2500 vinyls) and I’m one of those, who never stopped playing vinyl records. I compare the difference between Vinyl and CD with hardcover to paperback books and I don’t know if it’s true, but for me the sound of vinyls seem more dynamic.

1)You ask with items would be great to receive as extras in a box set.
Liner notes and photos are nice to have, and a booklet is something that (in my opinion) needs to be included.
What I would like most, would be something like a 4 or 6 track album with unpublished, rare or extra songs like we can find in “The Journey Begins” box. (I already have some songs in mind, that would do a great job as bonus tracks)
Another extra that would be great, could be the possibility to get an original signed Box.

2)A box set with the studio recordings is a great idea. At the moment I pay between 15 to 20 Euros for vinyl and depending on that, the price range for a box set with 6 albums would be between 90 and 120 Euros (even though I think, that I couldn’t resist to pay up to 150 Euros to get the box set…)

3)I repeat myself when I say, that it would be great to receive the Loreena McKennitt recordings on vinyl. And it’s the same with her live recordings. But what about her recording “Live in Paris And Toronto”? I think, both ("Live from the Alhambra" & "Live In Paris And Toronto)are great and worth to be released on vinyl.
And before I forget... Speaking for myself, "Live In San Francisco At The Palace Of Fine Arts" would be great to receive on vinyl...
Photos of Loreena at the Alhambra performance would be nice.

4)The seasonal recordings as a box set are also great to have. A songbook as an extra seems to be a wonderful idea. Christmas cards? Yes, it’s nice. What about bonus tracks (live recordings, remixed versions or unreleased songs)? Maybe something like a bonus single or EP?

5)I don’t play my records regularly (for that I buy the CDs). Smiler
Originally posted by Robin Rhodes:
Would you prefer a box with a lid, or a sleeve created such that one can stand the box set up and view the spines of each album?
I think, both alternatives have their individual charme.

I'm looking forward to the release of these boxes and hope, that my answers to your questions will help you to find out, what's the best for all - for Loreena McKennitt, her fans, for vinyl collectors and all other listeners of her wonderful music.

With kind regards,

Firstly I am not an audiophile, I am a music lover. The majority of what I purchase new is on CD, but I do buy some new vinyl if the artist is important to me.The majority of the vinyl I buy is secondhand, and I have never stoped buying vinyl for almost 40 years. and probably never will. There is a difference between analogue and digital, but this can often be simply down to how the recording is mastered... and where & how the engineer believes the recording will be played.

Re:- 1) As many of you will...
I personally like to see lots of additional background to the recording, photo's etc..Not so much a companion CD as we already have those.. but a seperate stand alone (BOX SET ONLY) album of unissued out takes/ single "B" sides /scarce promo mixes etc is pretty much essential (oh and free MP3 download code of same) for my ipod.

Re:-2) We are considering creating.....
I'd say that this is the obvious box set. If you are interested in selling to "Audiophiles" 180/200gram is mandatory.
Price is always whatever the market will bear.. but as you no longer have to recoup the recording costs etc.. I personally would expect to pay GBP10-12 /disc

NEW THOUGHT:- if you really want to create something that I & many others would salvitate over.. Remaster every album as TWO 12" playing @ 45rpm. The groove gets cut deeper, the sound can be awesome. Check out the recent US reish of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours.. (but please not the absolute rip off

Re:- 3) It has also been suggested...
180 gram vinyl is fine with a nice booklet and or a deluxe gatefold sleeve..
Re:- 4) We were also considering...
180 gram vinyl is fine with a nice booklet and or a deluxe gatefold sleeve..
Re:- 5) Taking into consideration...
Myself I would rather see a box, as I tend to store the box and inserts seperate to the albums which go straight into plastic sleeves anyways..

To recap: my perfect box set would be to see every album remastered as 2 x 12" @45rpm. every album in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, and with an extra boxset only album of outakes/b sides etc

(will probably never happen though.. Frowner... Smiler
Thank you for reaching out, I think some great ideas can come out of this!

I am an "audiophile" but thankfully love music first and foremost. There ARE many a folk that care more about the equipment than music, but I find I can enjoy the music in any format where I go, including MP3.

I agree too that vinyl can sound better than CD, though it is getting closer these days and of course the convenience factor of CD's and digital in general is great.

As for the questions:

1) In general, I like box sets to have quality LP's and covers, and the idea of an LP-sized booklet with a compilation of liner notes and pictures, and perhaps a guest essay about Loreena, would be great.

2) Studio box set selection is perfect, like it as-is. If you look at specialty sites in USA (Elusive Disc, Music Direct, Acoustic Sounds), high quality LP's can go from $25 USD on up. I recently purchased a limited edition/numbered box set which had 4 LP's and was $100. It gets expensive, so it can end up excluding part of the audience as noted above. But there have been some fine mentions of LM's music in audiophile journals (for example, Harry Pearson of The Absolute Sound has recommended "the mask & mirror").

3) For Live At Alhambra, I love the idea of the LP's for that! The song selection is wonderful, and performance just as exciting. For extras for that, I wouldn't recommend the CD's or the DVD, as people would already tend to have them. Someone above mentioned a Blu-Ray, that would be interesting, though I'm sure the work to create it (IE, the obligatory extras) would be potentially large. I would also consider a bonus LP of one of the other live shows, again as other mentioned. Any one of the Live in SF, Toronto, or the Mediterranean Odyssey live sets would be welcome.

4) I enjoy the Xmas/Winter albums, though I listen a bit less than most of the other music; perhaps BECAUSE of the theme :-) I think a box release of this would be great as well, and will do well sales-wise I'd bet if released around the holidays (as "sell-out" as that may seem). For extras, I'd personally be more interested in including extra winter-themed songs not easily available elsewhere (demo's, unreleased, the track from the Santa Claus movie, etc.).

5) For box format, I care less about that; ornate is always fun, but sometimes that doesn't fit inside an LP holder/case. An enclosed & covered box should have something on the sleeve side I'd think, or if a slide in box one has the option to show the box sleeve out or the individual albums' sleeves out. Either way is fine I'd say (the main difference being that smaller sized extras don't usually fare well with an open-side box).

Thank you so much for reaching out to us like this. I like all the responses above, and despite the fewer numbers so far I think it represents a decent cross-section of fan types.

Now to go off and listen to my vinyl of tm&m :-)
i am for years fan of loreenna.When the last album was out on vinyl, i orderd it.It would be nice to bring out the rest also on vinyl, because i think the quality of the music just is good for vinyl.If you play it on a good player it will sound as loreenna meant it.
So i want to get all.In a box is nice,the best is an box that can be cloes.extras would be rare music from her on a new vinyl for me it will be an yes and i think for a lot of people more that are searching for quality and that is what she deleivers
Thanks for this opportunity.
I am almost 67 and have an extensive collection of vinyl that I have cared for and played regularly since I was a boy. I have an excellent turntable, Amp & speakers, however, I do not consider myself an audiophile. Once set up, I have little interest in the equipment - it is the music I enjoy.
While difficult to pinpoint, Vinyl records have a warm & rich presence that is not apparent in other media. Vinyl is durable, nearly permanent and will certainly be playable after the digital code to play CDs has long been forgotten. I like them and my grandchildren do too.

1) I do not require anything more than a good album sleeve and printed lyrics. If others want extras, that is OK with me, however, I don't find them necessary.

2)The boxed set, as you propose, is excellent and I hope there is sufficient interest to have it produced. If it is offered, I will be a customer.

3) I enjoy video of Nights from the Alhambra, however, live music recordings are not my favorite.

4) Vinyl records are particularly nice over the Christmas season. I would be pleased if these two albums were offered on vinyl.

5) I prefer a sleeve so the spline of each album is open to view.

I have enjoyed the story telling, exotic instrumentation and Ms. McKennit's beautiful voice for a long time, and vinyl recordings for even longer. I am delighted with the possibility of putting them together. I wish you success!
I like the idea of three different sets as stated in Robin's post. In my opinion high quality discs are most important or why bother. Limited edition and individually numbered is nice too. As far as extras go, a songbook, and or a booklet with photos and a little history that pertains to the music in each set would be very nice. I wouldn't be interested in companion CDs as I have already purchased several copies of every CD, unless it would be something that hadn't been released yet or a CD of interviews, etc.
As far as the packaging goes, I would prefer to be able to see the spine of each album, but if it's a box with a lid I'll still buy it.
Dear QR.

Having motivated my preference for vinyl on the old-ways list, herewith my detailed responses. Just in-time for the cut-off date...

1) In terms of extras I appreciate book(lets) printed at a readable font and photographs of a reasonable size, therefore yes an enlarged booklet of liner notes would be nice to have and some additional photographs too, personal ones perhaps, for instance of Loreena’s visit to Mongolia. I would not consider a companion CD necessary.
2) Regarding the six recording set, on the one hand such a boxed set would be quite pricy and could limit its marketability however on the other I’m not sure what the alternative would be. Personally I find that collection of recordings to be an ideal combination and could not fault it and would be a customer too.
3) Having been privileged to visit Granada the Nights from the Alhambra is a set of visual and aural experiences. My memories of that occasion and the people who made it possible are a special gift and are all I need, therefore I would not purchase such a recording.
4) Christmas/Winter recordings - Oh yes I’d love a vinyl version of the Christmas recordings.
5) As far as storage is concerned I’d prefer to have the spine visible.

Thanks Robin and Loreena for reaching out to us with this survey.
I am not an an audiophile but I do enjoy the sound of vinyl probably because I grew up with them. I recently began listening to some old boxed sets, i.e. George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh and All Things Must Pass, ELO, The Beatle's White album,to name a few. They are still in great condition and I enjoy the extra's that came with them.

1. I like liner notes, But a booklet or photo album would be essential to me. I would not need cd's except for new releases in which case digital downloads would be great.

2. I like this box set list but I would prefer the live recordings in Toronto and SF. If it could be done I would like some of Loreena's recorded interviews in the time frames of the original LP recordings. (Words and music would be a great documentary method) I will pay whatever QR decides because your quality is always excellent. Perhaps a signed set would be nice also.

3. I prefer the DVD of Nights from the Alhambra
which I already purchased during the Ancient Muse Tour at the concert. I would love to have photo's of that performance. I'm not sure about vinyl for that performance but some kind of travelog/photo LP sized album is essential.

4. I like the Xmas/winter theme but would prefer new tracks (unreleased, new, demo's) for extras. Songbooks/photo's/ cards are nice too.

5. I like boxed set of The Journey Begin's style. It is upright, durable, labeled nicely so you can read it sitting on the shelf. The lids on my older collections have worn down on the corners.

Thanks again for asking for feedback! Whatever you decide I know I will support Loreena and Quinlan Road!
Robert Lally
I would love to have that boxed set of her first 6 releases on vinyl LP with whatever "magazine" of photos & bios of the musicians involved and LoMc's diary musings....maybe some short articles like "The History of the Hurdy-Gurdy" and "How to Tell an Oud From a Bouzouki - A Spotters Guide" and info in the back about the water rescue group.

Can I afford the price? Not right now but maybe next year.
Would it be redundant? Yes. "The Journey Begins" was redundant but I bought it anyway (at the time I only had her first 2 albums on cassette).
Would I play it? Sure, occassionally. I bought a wicked-cool turntable back when they were on clearance (discontinued item) sale as the stores were filling up with CDs and the stores thought LPs were gone forever. Mostly, I use it to rip songs from my old LP collection that dates back to the late 1950s. No kiddin', I have Joan Baez's first 3 records, the first is as old as I am. And some of those old albums aren't available as CD re-releases.

Personally, I can't really tell the dif between a dig recording & analog, but that's largely because I wasted the best years of my life in the engine room of a Navy ship where they can't even spell OSHA. And then there's that little problem of the clicks, pops, rumble & other noise, much of it caused by leaving the record on the turntable to collect dust as I ran out & jumped on my bicycle.

I do agree that most of us don't sit in a quiet room listening to our favorite music with a forensic concentration anymore. Most of my listening is on an iPod while working or in the car where the background noise drowns out any advantage that might come from ripping digitals from a "mastered" LP. I must admit it would be a luxury item that will spend most of it's life on a shelf & when I'm dead my sisters can fight over it.

As for live recordings. I usually don't care for them. I don't want to listen to the audience screaming, whistling, coughing etc. It's especially annoying that some people start clapping & cheering at the START of a song. I hate that.

I would like to hear LoMc play a great music venue. When she came to HOuston she played at Jones Auditorium & the sound was terrible. All the bass notes were so loud that I could barely hear her voice. I guess the sound crew in that hall that night were the B-team while the REAL sound engineers took the night off cuz it ain't the symphony.

Houston, Tx
First, I haven't had any experience with vinyl, other than begging my parents to get a player so we could listen to their old ones. We may have one in the garage, but I'm not sure. Anywhoo, on with the answers!

1) I personally don't care for anything extra, other than lyrics to the songs that have them, and maybe a list of who played what in which song.

2)That set does work! But if you were to include the seasonal and live albums, you could break it up into early, middle, and later recordings. As for price, I'm not really sure. I haven't really been looking at how much vinyls cost, so I wouldn't know.

3) Personally, I don't really think there's anything that I would consider essential for a box set of Nights from the Alhambra. I would assume most of us would already have the DVD, so again, I personally don't think it's really necessary.

4) The holiday pack sounds really cool! I'd definitely go for that one! Again, the lyrics and instrument listing is, to me, essential. But some special Christmas cards and/or photos would be very nice to have, indeed.

5) I really don't know how to answer that one; I don't have any experience with vinyls; I grew up when even tapes and audiocasettes were at their peak and starting to dwindle!
Hope this helps!
I appreciate that Quinlan Road have probably lost all interest in vinyl reishes of Loreena's studio output. (The silence has been deafening......) maybe because there are still plenty of copies of "Wind" floating about.

so I'll make one last plea.. remaster all the studio albums and reish as 2 x 12" @ 45 rpm.. keep the numbers low maybee a couple of 1000 max worldwide. charge a premium, and I would still buy everyone.

cutting @ 45rpm spread over 4 sides means no compression/limiting and stunning audio...

Hello to all, a new poster here but have been listening to LM since The Visit came out and we have seen her twice in the SF Bay Area. I would prefer each album to be sold individually. I already have Elemental, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, To Drive a Cold Winter Away, Nights at the Alhambra. What I would really love is to get a New copy 180 gram of The Visit, used I can only find them for absurd $$$$. Hope LM hits the SF Bay Area in this next Trio tour in 2015/2016. Ms. McKennitt you have a HUGE following in the Bay Area, please choose another fantastic sounding venue to play in.

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