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To all our friends in Italy, please note that a delay due to manufacturing has held up the release of An Ancient Muse until December 1st. Unfortuntely, this is beyond our control and we sincerely apologize.
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This morning it was not on the shelves yet... they told me it might arrive later today, but they're not sure.
Their computers said it should have been released last Friday; I said: "Oh, I know!"... they said: "We don't know what to tell you... we cannot assure you'll find it this week...". I Frowner.

I'll try to contact them later today, maybe I'll have "An Ancient Muse" in my hands this evening... maybe I won't...
SmilerGOT IT!!! Smiler
I was in Merano, near the Austrian border, this weekend, with my fabulous auntie.
I had asked my father if he could look on the shelves in the stores of the area where I live... he called me at 4pm on saturday, and told me it was not there yet.
My sweet auntie and I were walking round Merano christmas market, and I saw a little cd retailer. I said "let's try..." but I wasn't really full of hope. Well, "An Ancient Muse" was in the shopwindow, and after a moment of Eeker (dumbfounded), I entered and realised it was really here, I was like Smiler Big Grin Smiler Big Grin Smiler.

My favourite auntie bought it to me as a (pre)christmas present. I kissed her!

Well, I only listened to it tonight because I hadn't got a cd player with me. WOOOOOOOOOOOONDERFUUUUUUUUUUUUL!
Originally posted by Cocoa:
Congratulations, vale!Big Grin It seems that we got the CD on the same dayBig Grin

Oh wow! What a coincidence! You told me I would get it before you, I told you you might get it before me... well, all's well that ends well. Wink

I'm really glad you received it!

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