Sacred Shabbat

First of all, I love the new live arrangement! the added bass line and percussion make me what to get up and do a Jewish-style line-dance!

Okay, this is confusing me. In the booklet of An Ancient Muse it says that this piece was composed by Loreena McKennitt, but on the back of From Istanbul to Athens it says that it is a traditional piece which Loreena only arranged. Could someone please tell me which is correct?
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“Sacred Shabbat”

November 28, 2006

In the first week of release, an error was drawn to the attention of QR regarding the accreditation for the piece of music called “Sacred Shabbat”. As Loreena’s liner notes indicate, this piece of music and its multiple variations have been moving around the Mediterranean area for many centuries and as such, the compositional credit should have read “Traditional, arranged by Loreena McKennitt”

It appears that at the time the liner notes were assembled, and when proofreading took place, no one caught this accreditation error. Needless to say Loreena and all of us at QR were dismayed at the discovery of this. We would sincerely like to thank our Turkish friends for pointing this out to us.

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