Secret Sky (AKA Loreena's band without Loreena)

Hello fellow Loreenakateers,

I just made a rather interesting discovery of a new trio that have formed out of some very familiar faces - Caroline Lavelle, Brian Hughes, and Hugh Marsh! Collectively, they call themselves 'Secret Sky' and have already released a self-titled album! The album in question also features guest musicians Tal Bergman on drums and Tim Landers on bass - both of whom are of course also regular members of Loreena's band. I've had a quick listen - they sound GOOOOOOD!

Check out their website and let me know what you think:

I certainly want to obtain this album while I'm still waiting for Loreena's next release, whenever that may be...

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I was on the website and heard the song "Searching for Lambs". I like cello very much and I know that Caroline Lavelle is a really gifted musician! The song sounds very similar to the songs of Loreena McKennitt. That´s the reason why I think that Loreena´s music is unique....
I wish "Secret Sky" all the best, they are great performers, unquestionably - but, I beg your pardon, I want to stay loyal to Loreena....!


Im writing this because i experience being transported when i listen to Loreena’s music. I have studied our different Bodies and according to some Mystery School Teachings, related to Ancient Masters, the Soul carries within it memories of past lives. Also, as Ive become more familiar with my own soul i get glimpses of what i could describe as past life experiences. Something in the song “Never Ending Road” inspires me to sense that Ms. Loreena may have connected beyond the ‘veil’ of what we perceive to be death in the inspiration of this song. Simply love and acceptance is what I am left with.
Thank you,
Claire B
> On May 9, 2018, at 10:13 AM, Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:

Hello Claire,
what you have written sounds a little bit strange to me, although I think I´m able to understand what you mean! The thought that the Soul carries within it the memories of past lives is fascinating! I believe that intuitive knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. Some wisdom disappears because people have lost this intuitive knowledge. For that other knowledge is produced.
In former generations for instance, knowledge about the raising of children was passed on to the daughters by mothers. Families  consisted of two or three generations, there were many little children. Daughters were able to observe their mothers - how little babies were held by mothers (on the left side, next to the heart), how they communicated with the little ones, how they used to sing lullabies etc. etc. 
I noticed that this intuitive feeling is in danger of getting lost. Many families consist of only the parents and one or two children. A single daughter no longer experiences how a baby is born! Young mothers often are insecure, they don´t know what to do with a little newborn baby. 
As well there is other knowledge and wisdom which was common for a long time and is now in danger of getting lost, too. 
So I can imagine that there are many things under surface, time over time - habits, behaviours, traditions, rules, views..... - and sometimes it happens that people find them once again!
Thank you, Claire!


Hello Christine!
Thanks for engaging me. I appreciate your thoughts on our intuitive
knowledge being passed down in an ‘unspoken’ manner. I get it.
It’s true, ‘wisdom of the old’ can disappear if it’s not shared. I remember
the first time I saw Ms. McKennitt perform she mentioned in her ‘Book of
Secrets’ tour a story of a monk whom had carried a lost book of the Bible
with him to be reprinted. That stimulated me to research what I could find
about books left out of the King James Version. (Most of the ones I found
had more information about ‘how to ascend’. )
I studied what teachings I could find about the Ascended Masters.
Spaulding’s book on The Masters of the Far East are interesting, as is the
concept of mastery. According to them we have at least 7 different Bodies
of learning. (From the physical to the mental ,emotional, the dream body,
the intuitive and the soul)
Many years ago I spent a couple days with Ken Kesey and he, also, told me
to research them.
I’ve just scratched the surface in my learning, but constantly hunger to
learn more, as most of the information is pedestrian and is best shared
from one person to another. So much is experiential.
Thank you for writing.
Ms. McKennitts Community seems like a good place to go for conversations
like this because of her knowledge and respect of ‘The Ancients’.
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Hi Claire,
I never heard from Baird T. Spalding before (Spalding, not Spaulding )! He was a spiritual writer and author of the spiritual book series "Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East". I read a short biography in Wikipedia. 
It is very interesting which ways people choose in search of spirituality, wisdom and advanced knowledge. I experience all people as seekers in their respective ways - including myself. As for Baird T. Spalding, he traveled to India and Tibet and claimed to have made contact to "The Great Masters of the Himalaya", immortal beings, and gained insight into their lives and spiritual message together with eleven scientists. While I continued reading I was surprised by following sentences: ".... The Great Masters make it clear that the greatest embodiment of Enlightened state is that of the Christ - the discovery of man´s source of power within himself - that light of God - the Christ consciousness is that "Christ" state: The Masters accept that Buddha represents the way to Enlightenment, but they clearly set forth that the Christ Consciousness is Enlightenment, or a state of consciousness for which we all are seeking ...".
I was amazed that the research of these men brought them near the Christ! I didn´t expect this bridge in a Far East context. But it showed me that people very often - whether religious or not - are confronted with Christ at some point in their lives. And that statement reminds me of a word from the Bible: "HE has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from the beginning to the end." (Ecclesiastes 3)
Thank you for sharing our thoughts!

Thank you, Stefan!
I have no twitter account (also I am not a member of Facebook), so it is not possible for me to follow Caroline Lavelle. In principle I prefer real contact with people, good conversations and the possibility to share interests with other people via e-mail. 
But I will definitely learn if there is anything new to hear from Caroline Lavelle - I like to be surprised!!


Hello Christine
How insightful of you to do your research. What you said about eternity
being in our hearts is beautiful. I’ve just been feeling my way
Spiritually. I try to grasp concepts and seek improvement in self directed
ways using the teachings of the Ones whom have come before me that have
applicable wisdom. Development seems unavoidable, however, making sense of
life’s complexities is often a task.
There are so many Spiritualities and Schools of thought and behavior. I am
hoping that I’m finding a path of my own that is raising my vibration as
I’m trudging toward mastery. As I age, I look for signposts of positive
I used to use atheletics to challenge me, but the last 4 years meditation
has taken over.
Do you prescribe to any preferred path?
I’m honored to meet your aquaintence via Ms. Loreena’s Community and invite
any other thoughts you may want to share.
I am just a member that reads the posts, and am not highly computer
component. I benefit from conversation and sharing like this so thank you!

On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 9:50 AM Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:
Hello again Christine
I just remembered I wanted to mention I went to the Napal and Tibet (mostly
in the mountains) in search of Master Babaji. I had an unusual experience
on night teetering on a mountainside, which I believe was a visitation.
That led me to look into now day Mystery schools that study the Master’s
If you have experiences to share I’m open.
Take care,

Secret Sky has been recording this past week or so and will be going to Germany next week to do a four-day concert recording workshop (which will become a DVD).  I can't wait for the new songs!  Caroline has also been working on some songs of her own and plans to open a Patreon at some point.  The accumulated musical knowledge and expertise of these people is phenomenal.  They were all pretty incredible right at the beginning of their musical careers and have only gotten better.  Listening to them play their own music together, after they have played and toured together for 20 years, is a powerful and beautiful experience. You don't want to miss Caroline's songwriting, either--she is very evocative with her lyrics and can tell a complex story in a few words.   And don't worry about being faithful to Loreena.  I don't think anything would make her happier than to see them succeed. All you have to do is watch her face when they play.

Once again
Dear Christine,
I’ve been contemplating your words. The concept of Christ Conciousness as
you wrote IS Enlightenment. That must mean that somewhere in our struggles,
by the mear fact we know we are not enough,maybe in the act of needing a
God, we are saved from our own indulgences.
The quote of setting eternity in the human heart means we, as humans,really
need one another.
I’m listening to Beneath A Phrygian Sky and really hearing the deapth of
Loreena’s words ‘Our love must make us strong...I closed my eyes and
tarried until the morning light...the last star shimmered...the new sun’s
day gave this magic moment came this prayer for Mother Earth...’
(‘Some used your name for glory, some used it for their gain...).
‘Our love must make us strong’
Dang, where does she find those words?
The next song wafted into my room and she sings;
‘Here is my heart, I give it to you ~ Such is the journey ~ no mystery to
What is left to say?
So profound put into music.
It’s experiencencial and the notes create echoes of something so universal
and real.
Again I am full.
Thank God there is this community forum to share the effects of this
beautiful music as it interfaces in human feeling, and inspires one to
share their corresponding journies!

Hello Ravenlyn, thank you very much for your dedicated words! I agree with you that Secret Sky is a very passionate band, new for me because I didn´t know them, but also wonderful music indeed. By the way, I also appreciate "Secret Garden" with Fionnuala Sherry and Rolf Lovland and their band. 
But as far as the depth of the thoughts, the expression of the music and the charisma of the musicians themselves are concerned, Loreena MkKennitt remains unsurpassed for me....! 

Hello again dear Claire!
I read with great interest what you have put into words. You're really thinking about yourself and trying to find answers, even more you are struggling. 
English isn´t my mother tongue, so it is sometimes difficult for me to find the right words - but there is a saying in German, describing a real seeker - "like a dog, he is only satisfied when he incessantly has gnawed all the bone". I hope this comparison does not bother you.... What I want to say is that I admire your incessant search!!
"Beneath A Phrygian Sky" is one of my favourite songs. I love the expression "a voice from down the ages so haunting in its song" - however, the question arises: does such a voice really exist? Or is its origin simply in our own desire?
I think yes, ancient stones could tell stories! I love archaelogical sites and places steeped in history. Whenever I travel, I am drawn to these places and try to imagine how people in former times led their lives. I read that Loreena McKennitt also visited archaelogical sites in Anatolia and I think that many of her songs were created under the influence of certain places. I for myself visited Turkey four times.  Away from the political situation, it is a fascinating country, the cradle of the first Christian communities....
And even if our wars should find us and we have no choice, the song asks us to proudly hold up the banner - "The truth will set us free"! That, in turn, is a gospel word of Jesus Christ, but not completely. The complete words are that, if we stay with what Jesus said, we will know the truth, and the truth will set us free. (I´d a look into the bible!)

Hi Claire,
I forgot to say that I´m impressed that you traveled to Nepal and Tibet in search of Master Babaji. Were you alone? 
You also asked where Loreena was able to find those words "Our love must make us strong". Taking into account her culture, her sensitivity, her strong interest in Celtic people and their migrations and perhaps the religious atmosphere in her family or environment -  I think it is not so difficult to find those words. Love is a strong, a very important topic for all humans. Everybody wants to be loved and everyone is seeking recognition and affirmation. Rather, the problem is that love is welcome, but sharing love with others  is hard.... Our love should make us strong - but do we have love enough? To our nearest relatives? To our friends? For the needy? Sick? Desperate? Unwanted? Unfortunately, I suspect that we meet rather a lack of sincere love....
Nevertheless, have a blessed time!

Lovely words Christine,
In your responses I’m amazed ; you seem to hone in on the ‘heart ‘ of the
matter. My guess is that you obviously are on a path of Spirituality. Your
thoughts on the concept of love are pertinent. Yea ya love is welcome, for
we humans, yet, alas, sharing it is potentially not easy. Upfront, and
initially it is easy to radiate love and support , yet, the follow through
is where the work is. What do we do when our open hearted ness is not
received, or misunderstood? How do I continue a path of loving someone or
thing when obstacles appear? Learning is often a part of the path. I’m
older now than I once was young, and I’ve learned about casting pearls.
Love is an action word and a life path.
Thanks for your insights on Loreena’s words. I often ponder at the
perfection in her capacity to bring through such deapth. I can feel moments
described by the music and it truely is a journey. What a gift ...
It’s kind of Spring here, and I hope close to where ever you are, too.
I was alone in Tibet. I went with 2 dudes but they forged ahead of me. It
was just the right recipe for my experience. I was alone, up in the
mountains, and thought it was perhaps the end for me. I curled under a rock
for the night, and when I passed into the sleep state a young man would be
sitting in front of me, as I slept and awoke many times, not to see him in
complete physical form. Months later when I came back home I was thumbing
through ‘Autobiography Of A Yogi’ and, boom, there was a drawing of Master
Babaji. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized whom the visitor was.
Happy Mother’s Day.
We are all mothers in some way.

On Sat, May 12, 2018 at 9:45 AM Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:

Hi Claire,
After a period of several weeks with much sunshine it is now raining. It was important that it started to rain because the nature was in need of water! In Europe we live in a moderate climate zone, although the climate change also resulted in more extreme weather conditions. 
We celebrated Mother´s Day very calmly and relaxed. Our two beloved daughters started their long planned trip to Malaysia and were not here. Some of the sons had sporting obligations. So we took our coffee with my old parents and the two youngest sons, it was very nice. 
It was interesting to read that you were alone in Tibet in search of Master Babaji.... So I think you are a courageous person! Your desire was it to find this Master whom you never saw before. How can you be sure that you really found the real Master? Who was the young man sitting in front of you - you didn´t saw him in complete physical form? 
The invisible world is full of luminaries, demons, other apparitions.... How can you be sure that they are beings with friendly intentions? It is obvious that there is good and evil - but who can help you to identify the character you wanted to know closer? 
I admit - I am suspicious and wary. Who can you trust? 
Enough for today! I have to go to bed - tomorrow is another day with its own challenges....
Have a fine sleep, too!

Hello, Christine. How are you today? It looks like you and Claire are in an intense discussion about the supernatural. Speaking of which, I like to make up funny little stories about what happens when Ms. McKennitt is absent from us, particularly when no one is watching what she is doing. Yes, they are exaggerated, but they are meant to entertain and protect her privacy.  One such story that I cooked up is that late at night, when Ms. McKennitt finishes a work day at Quinlan Road and closes it up, even her own office door, she would open the window on the top floor. She calls on the winged monkeys and they come to take her home. They fly her past the moonlight...and so nobody recognizes her silhouette, except for a few folks who believe it to be some giant hornet soaring across the moon or something that reminds them of E.T. or My Neighbor Totoro. Strange indeed.   

Hello Christine
I enjoyed reading that you celebrated Mother’s Day in Europe! Also you have
family members traveling in Malaysia. There is still innocence in our world
and people of so many different traditions...
When I was in Tibet and saw the young man sitting in front of me as I was
drifting in and out of sleep I felt he was there to protect me. I didn’t
detect any malificence. I do agree with you, however, that there can be
many shapeshifters in the world of spirit. The more years I live, the more
I learn. From being a Medic and S. officer for almost 40 years, ive learned
to trust my initial gut response. That can be so hard because, even in this
3D world, I’ve mostly learned that people whom have the most agenda are
often the hardest to detect; they have their ‘act‘ well practiced. I work
events in my city; mostly music venues,and I watch people. People who come
to ‘take’ are skilled at their art. Response I think is the key. Trust,
however, is something I learn more about every day. It’s a big topic.
I appreciate you reaching out after your long day.
Happy Trails,

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Whoa, Christine and Claire. You two are consuming most of the conversation that Jesse is offering. We are going from a discussion of a band to traveling to Tibet, etc. Hypothetically, if I was given the chance, I would like to travel with Ms. McKennitt as I feel that it is not enough for her to describe her around-the-globe travels, even to those particular places where the Celts might have been, but personally, I do not have the means to do so. I'd like to see that spot in Ankara, Turkey or that dig in Urumchi. My guess is that there are other Celtic-related places where she herself has never gone and/or would have been great additions to the next album. For example, Ukraine does have a Celtic connection and particularly, outside of Lviv, one of the country's western-most cities, has a Celtic settlement, rising up from an archaeological dig. This is something that I personally suggested and have not heard anything regarding the issue. Oh, well. At this rate, you cannot make someone do something.  

Hello again Loreenya,
I wasn’t aware I was consuming conversation offered by Jesse.
I’m not sure what you see on your end but I see email sent to me. I noticed
you offered some travel points of your own. I agree, Ms. McKennitt’s music
is so descriptive I find myself musing and feeling into the places she
Take Care

On Mon, May 14, 2018 at 3:32 PM Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:
Hi Loreenya
Oh my using the monkey story when I’m doing Guard or Security work when
people ask for backstage passes or have elaborate stories in attempt to go
somewhere that is restricted.
That, I believe is what you were asking. References from email discussing
Happy Trails

I was just being honest and exaggerating at the same time when I said that you and Christine were consuming the conversation. Oh, I just created another exaggerated LM tale. The one about Ms. McKennitt spending the afternoon in the park. It is said that she uses a coat closet for an elevator and disappears without Mark or any of her staff noticing. It is even said that she devises an excuse and rides in her banana boat to be a replica of the Lady of Shallot (like with what Anne Shirley did) along the Avon River. Those who saw her had taken her for a breathing, living statue with golden-auburn hair. She becomes a weekly "attraction" to onlookers, even to those "bonny swans" and Canada geese, that sometimes, to people of Stratford, she herself becomes the person of interest in a wild Canada goose chase.

Thank you Loreenya
You brought a giggle today with your stories. I love the images of the
pictures. Ha. I can’t imagine what it must feel like for Ms.
appears she gracefully moves dimensionally. Your words made me think of Dr.
Who. Sometimes I, too,want to walk into a closet and enter another
universe. I’ll keep an eye out for those Canadian Geese...I haven’t seen
any redheads...(They populate a lot of our waterways,mate for life,and as I
commute by bike I often stop to tend to the occasional lone goose and or
flock. My mum was a Manitoban, a naturalist,and introduced me to their
patterns early in life.)
I really liked your images.
In Gratitude,

On Mon, May 14, 2018 at 4:01 PM Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:

Hi Claire, hi Loreenya,
I do not know exactly what to do now - should we rather have our conversation in private chat? Is it more common to exchange privately? 
Please tell me the "rules" in this community! 
Thank you, Loreenya, I´m fine! I had a busy day with my foreign little pupils teaching them the German language! After school I had two boys here in my home, Turkish origin, to help them with learning and doing homeworks. Later I heard an interesting e-lecture with much inputs for the design of lessons for multilingual children....
Dear Claire, I hope we can continue our conversation as soon as possible! Let´s wait until someone can tell us how things are handled in this community!
By the way - it´s a funny thing, writing little stories about Ms. McKennitt...

Keep your heads up, Claire and Christine. There is more to come from me and my little anecdotes about "Colonel" McKennitt. The last two were good, but the first one that I did was the best. Claire, about that whole thing about Ms. McKennitt being "a person of interest"--you may have noticed that that was my play on words.

Christine, I suggest that you may want to email Mark regarding the rules of this forum. I also appreciate your saying that "it's a funny thing, writing little stories about Ms. McKennitt." It is quite encouraging. Maybe I will do one in which she traveled to the International Space Station and decided to take up her harp in zero gravity that one knew about it...just like her buddy (or should we say, acquaintance), astronaut Chris Hadfield. 

Dear Loreenya,
I received your email and wasn’t sure what you meant by ‘a person of
intrest’ however I enjoyed your musings. I shared with Christine that you
wrote some humorous words and that you said you were ‘being honest and
exaggerating ‘. I saw you you suggested to Christine to ask about the forum
rules and if asked I can also send a query.
I usually just address the emails sent to me personally. I very much like
reading the various community thoughts, about everything,and really do
enjoy the questions and discussions. I appreciate Christine’s communication
with me on this forum as it all ends up, somehow coming back to Ms.
McKennitts inspirations. These sharings I only have here, as I’m not a big
social media person, This community here feels like it matches my
interests, and I’m finding it more rare than common.
So, thank you Loreena McKennitt Community for making this all possible; for
bringing people from far corners together.
Thanks for your stories Loreenya,I like the pictures in words, and look
forward to more.
Loreenya, you mentioned sites in Turkey, interestingly, I saw that a man
named Yves Ubelman whom works with Microsoft to recreate with AI what
ancient places may have looked like.
Many thanks

On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 12:43 PM Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:

Hi dears, 
I hope you are all well! 
Looking for Mark´s e-mail address I noticed that he currently is kept very busy with spam mail. I agree with another member who wants this community message board to remain a peaceful place. I hope it will be possible to "clean" the board... 
It is sad when such a place is abused for unwanted advertising or worse things. We are members who want to share our joy about Loreena´s wonderful music, we want to talk about it and to get acquainted with like-minded people. 
I also got a post from Ms Michelle and decided not to reply, I immediately felt that something was wrong.... 

Bye for now! I have to prepare my next lessons for the kids at school!

Claire, let me explain what the term person, especially in the context of my anecdotes. The phrase "person of interest" is used in criminal investigation when referring to a person who is believed to have committed a crime, but not formally accused of a crime or not yet arrested. In the context of the banana boat--Lady of Shallot--bonny swan story, the police were pursuing Ms. McKennitt for attracting too much attention on public property (the park) without permission from the City of Stratford (which she could have forgot to do to begin with) while she remained to be the "person of interest" to other people due of the fact that she looked physically attractive. At the same time, she became the person in that "wild Canada goose chase" (play on words again) that the law was engaging in. The strange thing about the tale is that people were looking for her, but did not recognize her as she was lying in hollow of the banana boat, that was floating along the Avon River in the park.   

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