Secret Sky (AKA Loreena's band without Loreena)

Thanks for the explanation Loreenya!
I really liked the glad to know we are all human and even people
whom are well known have to occasionally do things out of the ordinary to
move around; ie, like disappearing into banana boats!

On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 10:33 AM Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:

Claire, as for banana boats, I thought that an actual banana boat like this one here Image result for banana boat could make a nice, convenient and maybe even affordable mode of transportation for some of Ms. McKennitt's staff and/or band members (who are the most likely customers) in the event of an emergency and the necessity for crossing a body when the conditions are right. All that Ms. McKennitt has to do is breath in a great deal and sing (yes, literally sing her songs and yes, her soprano high notes would give her more exhaling power than the others) into the blowhole. Then, ta-da. (Applause).

Caroline: Thanks a lot, Loreena.

Mark: Yeah, Loreena, you're the best. 

Ms. McKennitt: Hey, don't mention it. There is nothing like being "blown away" by my singing. Now, does anybody care to hop in and "sail away" with the "Orinoco Flow"?


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Yes, Claire, the banana boat concept can be interpreted as literal. However, the one logical problem is that naturally, a banana cannot grow to be like a king-sized bed and having to build boat out of a giant banana, even with scientific and technological advancements, would put us into a "sticky" situation. I don't mean just a complicated situation, but also a literally sticky situation due to the fruit's texture. Having a real banana boat is a silly idea, but thank goodness, there is such thing as boats, inflatable or not, that are shaped like bananas (which I recently did discover on the Internet).  

Hello Claire, 
I hope we can continue our exchange, I also appreciated a lot to talk with you about music, love, faith and daily life!
Again I want to ask you whether we should continue in private chat or not? I learned that there are some possibilities to become known with other members in the meanwhile. 
It´s a pity - I hardly do not know why you and Loreenya invent those funny short stories with Loreena McKennitt as a protagonist. I don´t know if your explanations or comments are important for understanding what you already have written (but where?). As a language teacher, especially for foreign children who came with their families from other countries, I often have to help them to write stories in German. Sometimes fantasy stories are in demand or other text types. It is not easy for the children to arrange their thoughts and to create a new story. 
You seem to prefer fantasy stories about which one can smile - right? But where is the full version? Do you collect these stories?
I have been writing since I was a 7 year old girl. Writing was something very important for me. I filled exercise books with lines with a big number of stories. It was no problem for me to sit there in my room, thinking and writing and trying new formulations, while my family was downstairs, watching a film and laughing out loud. I often prefered being alone with many ideas and possibilities in my brain!
So I wish you a good night and sweet dreams!

Hello Christine
Yes, I too enjoy exchanging ideas with you. It is rare for me to get into
these deeper topics about life, and I sent a response to Loreenya saying
that I appreciate that this Forum exists in that we all have a hub in which
to connect.
I really like engaging with your unique perspective.
I’m not entirely techno savvy. The way I see my emails from this forum is I
get a notification and some of them are general and some with my name as ;
Dear Claire, like this one.
I can’t take credit for the ‘stories’ as they have come from Loreenya’s
My perspectives have been the quests about spirituality; mostly in relation
to what you and Loreenya engaged with me in, for which I am very grateful.
Again, where, outside of ones own circle can we go to talk about these
important topics?(which makes me so grateful for this venue)
So, were you able to to get an update from Mark as to what the forum rules
are as far as us continuing to share our thoughts and questions with one
I’ve rarely gone to the website, and when I did awhile back wasn’t able to
figure out how to get a personal message to the Forum.
I’m not highly technological.
Maybe if you could apprise me as to what response you got from Loreenyas
mention of asking Mark what the rules are that would be a great starting
point for continuing.
I certainly enjoy these exchanges!
With Blessings

On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 2:08 PM Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:
PS Christine,
I forgot to mention that you first contacted me in a notification that read
‘Secret Sky Aka Loreena’s band without her’ of which I may have read about
a topic that spurned my wanting to share my some ideas about spirituality.
It’s so interesting to me that because of Ms. McKennitts work, in turn I
and others are inspired!
This very forum and sharing has come out of her work.
Blessings, again,

Actually, Christine, I do not have the full story versions of my anecdotes. However, I did write a short story about a decade ago about Ms. McKennitt being the "celebrity guest." It is called "Bringing Home the Canadian Bacon" (which was one of the things that I gave to Ms. McKennitt when I met her personally). It is a fictional account of my weekend in Stratford, Ontario and after being struck by a limousine, I end up in the hospital, where I have an accidental encounter with Loreena McKennitt, who apologizes for the accident, actually caused by her semi-grouchy Quebecois chauffeur. Then, after a brief chat with me, she tucks me into bed and sings me to sleep by her "Penelope's Song." After waking up the next morning, I am invited to a dinner concert with Ms. McKennitt as the performer of the evening at a nearby restaurant that night and then, my folks and I end up going to that event, where the restaurant's triplet waiters, Max, Butch and Baxter, waste their time by chatting and get rebuked by their sister, Anne (aka "Anne of Green Tables"). That's pretty much what I want to say as far as the summary goes. I don't want to spoil the rest of the story. If you'd like, I can tell you about how Ms. McKennitt helped Mother Canada Goose with one of the nursery rhymes.  

Hi Claire and Loreenya,
I´m just back from a trip with my husband. We spent a really fine time in a large natural habitat in our federal state. It was in the region where the Rhine river flows into Lake Constance, a wetland consisting of several little lakes. It is forbidden to swim in those lakes - they are reserved for birds and other animals. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed a lot to watch birds, to see the feeding marks of beavers and to see the sunbeams on the water....
As Claire mentioned, she is not highly technological - me too, I was not created for technical problems! But I want to contact Mark, the technical administrator, and ask him which would be the best for us. 
What I want to do is to continue our exchange of ideas, talking about Loreena´s music, about love, faith and daily life, about our experiences and adventures. I appreciated a lot sharing thoughts with Claire, and some time later, with you, Loreenya. I would be really happy if we could find a platform where we write down our thoughts and other things we want to share. What about the possibility of private messages? If we write in public, I think our postings will be somehow boring to other members who have other expectations. 
I hope you can understand me. Claire wrote: "Again, where, outside of ones own circle can we go to talk about these important topics?" That´s exactly what I´m also thinking about!
Loreenya, I saw you switching between several topics, I admire you - you are obviously able to talk to many members in different topics! I for myself prefer one, maybe two persons in a discussion circle. I´m interested to get deeper into topics about life. The more people join a circle, the more opinions and questions arise.... it could be more complicated. 
Have a good time, Claire and Loreenya!
With my best wishes,


You know, I can't really help myself from thinking about those wild tales that I have conjured up. Now, about the banana boat story...I was thinking of something like a canoe shaped in the form of a banana. However, I guess that an inflatable one would do, just for convenience purposes, except that in reality, it may not do well in certain conditions (i.e. wind, rough waves). I am pretty sure that it would silly for anyone to own one, however, to see one on the Avon River is a unique attraction. You know, in Stratford, anything can happen. So, here's my next fabrication:

So, anyway, certain fans know that Loreena McKennitt is into animals, but nobody knew that outside of Stratford, she lived on twenty-five acre farm, which included a couple of golden retrievers, a quarterhorse, some chickens and a rare purple Holstein cow (appropriately named Lavender), which she pulled out from a certain part of the Milky Way galaxy. One evening, Ms. McKennitt was looking up at the full moon above, when she heard Lavender, mooing in the barn. Of course, her dogs led the way. She spoke soothingly to the cow and then, to her surprise, she found a lone Canada goose, wearing some sort of frilly red coat and a strawberry-hued straw hat, nearby. Our heroine became startled and after catching her breath said, gently, "Oh, hello, you feathered friend. It's alright." 

"Easy there, girl," the goose spoke up. "I got memory issues here."

"Oh, I'm sorry," McKennitt replied politely. "I didn't know that. So, what are you doing here in my barn?" 

The goose explained that the barn door accidentally closed on that bird when she saw someone shutting it and at the moment was very frustrated at remembering the little poems that she used to tell the smallest of Canadian children in their cribs and preschools. Then, suddenly, the bird realized that he she had recognized Ms. McKennitt before, because McKennitt would sometimes fed the other geese, ducks and swans along the Avon River and practice on the harp in the park with just a few noticing that mysterious woman. She asked Ms. McKennitt to play some music, which the musician agreed. So, as soon as Ms. McKennitt got her harp and sang, Lavender began to prance around to her mistress's music and voice. Then, the cow galloped out of her stall and glided over the moon. So, on that very night, the dogs barked and bayed at the moon, the horse whinnied, the sheep bleated, the swine squealed and the chickens clucked.  Just then, that Canada goose cried out: 

"Wait a minute. I think that I got it! Hey, the fiddle be my Sharpie, Loreena on her harpy, the cow was over the moon. Her golden dogs howled to see such a spectacle just as all of nature was hearing her croon." 

So, the bird, who is actually known as Mother Canada Goose, was grateful to Colonel McKennitt for the help. While the goose took off, Ms. McKennitt said,  "Wait. How come you are leaving me with your wings and your waste? Is it really worth it? Sheesh."

Hello Christine
Thank you for responding. No urgency in our figuring out how to exchange
thoughts. I’m looking forward. I have work in between moments of reading
forum notifications, so I go in sprints.
As you, I’m not sophisticated technologically. I basically only answer
notifications and don’t know how to create a new topic.
I very much enjoyed your intrest the topics that came up, and the
discussion including Loreenyas words.
Yes, thank Diety for this Forum!

On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 11:32 AM Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:

Christine and Claire, in the spirit of Ms. McKennitt and her love for privacy, let us keep private and personal things private, so as not to trouble ourselves or anybody. I spin my yarns about her so is to create a distraction and as I said before, entertain this crowd.

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