Setlist - September 28 and 29 - Knox Church (same both shows)

First Set:

She Moved Through The Fair

All Souls Night

A Hundred Wishes

Ages Past, Ages Hence

Raglan Road 

Marco Polo

Penelope’s Song

Spanish Guitars And Night Plazas

The Star Of The County Down 

The Bonny Swans


Second Set

The Lady Of Shalott

As I Roved Out


Stolen Child 

The Mummers’ Dance

The Old Ways

Lost Souls 


First Encore

Tango To Evora 


Second Encore

Dante’s Prayer 


And because I didn't see them mentioned elsewhere, let's give credit where it's due...

Loreena McKennitt - vocals, harp, piano, accordion

Brian Hughes - guitar, bouzouki, oud

Ben Grossman - hurdy gurdy, percussion, accordion

Robert Brian - drums, percussion

Dudley Phillips - acoustic and electric bass

Caroline Lavelle - cello, recorder, vocals

Hugh Marsh - violin

Original Post

In addition to stellar performances by the band, the sound technicians did a fantastic job - you could hear the entire range of sounds quite clearly throughout the show.  An enthusiastic yet respectful audience helped, also.

I wouldn't have minded a few more songs from the new album.  Hopefully I'll get to see the show again next year, and there will be a couple different new songs in the mix.

Thanks, Chuck! I'll echo your compliments to the sound engineers. The clarity and range was astonishing. Compliments to the musicians, crew, staff, and volunteers all around! They managed to make the whole experience feel at once cozy and local, yet transporting and ethereal.  

I was surprised that they didn't perform more songs from the new album, but happy that two of my favorites (Ages Past, Ages Hence, and Lost Souls) were included. I was stunned at how incredible Spanish Guitars and Night Plazas sounds live, too. But I wouldn't have given up Raglan Road for anything! That was a thrilling surprise for me; never thought I'd get to hear her perform that song live. 

Which ones are you most hoping to hear?  La Belle Dame Sans Merci is top of my list.   

And, since you mentioned the audience, I feel the need to express my huge thanks (even though they might never read this, and I said it to them personally already) to Pam, who, when she saw me walking forlornly along the aisles in search of a seat, offered me the one next to her. As a result, I had a perfect view, exactly where I like to sit (stage right, direct eye-line to the piano), and some very cool ladies to sit next to. I owe her an eternal debt of gratitude.

Christina, I don't have a strong favorite from the new CD, but I agree that La Belle Dame Sans Merci is very nice.  I enjoyed A Hundred Wishes and Spanish Guitars the first time I heard them live a couple years ago.  I'm very happy they played Lost Souls.  Oddly enough, I didn't car much for Ages Past, Ages Hence until I saw it live the other day.

Funny encounter towards the end of the trip -  The US Customs agent had the usual questions (citizenship, purpose of visit, etc) and when I mentioned Loreena McKennitt, he was upset because had hadn't heard about the shows beforehand!   

Ha, Loreena has fans everywhere! That guy needs to sign up for the LM community newsletter.

It was similar for me with Spanish Guitars and Night Plazas. I definitely liked the song listening on the album, thought it was an impressive opening piece and fun to dance to, but I didn't fully appreciate it until hearing it played live. It gave me chills. And I went back to read the lyrics again -- gorgeous, and so evocative of place, especially the whole second verse: "... And you taught me to dance with the heartbreak / Of those who carved stone with their woes ..." I can sense that this had its origins in the same time and mood as The Visit.

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