Shifting Music Industry Presents New Challenges

Originally posted by Loreena:
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I apologize for the length of this post.


Please, don't apologize. I understand perfectly: of course you are busy making lots of good music for us to enjoy, and make up for the time you don't spend on this MB by making big posts when you do get a chance to do so.

am I correct? (so much for "I understand perfectly"! Razzer)

BIG HUG from Jesse

PS PLEASE come to Australia soon!
Originally posted by Loreena:

[On a final note, I’d be interested to learn about your thoughts on the current state of the music industry. Do you think music should be free? Do you prefer to get your music online or from a music store?

Music should not and cannot be for free. The artists that give us their music are truly gifted and are very lucky to be able to do what they do but I guess they still get hungry and thirsty sometimes, don't they? I mean I became a police officer because I wanted to help people but still like to get (and have to!) get paid for it.

I buy my music both at stores and online.

I personally hate the music industry the way it was, is and always will be. The industry has nothing to do with the artists and their musicians and their needs or opinions. The bosses of the record labels, the promoters, the investors, distibutors etc. are the people who will make or break a musician. They dictate their artists and tell them what is good for them and their audiences. How lame is that? Not only lame - it is outright disgusting.

I am proud of artists who have not let their backbone be removed. Artists who have stayed true to themselves and decided to take the only right way there is to take - their OWN way. Nobody said life would be easy, right?

Listening to the music of true artists satisfies me in more than one way or another.

Thank You Loreena for staying true to yourself and to your fans.

I have never purchased music online. I really like buying a CD and seeing the entire art of the creation. As for free music, I think that notion is an insult to the artists who create it. I would never download or accept free music because I know in my heart how much the artist has worked and lived and sacrificed to give to the anonymous listener such a precious gift.
Long time I haven't posted, but I'm glad this thread is still alive and kicking.

I'll be back to discuss how 'online music' has taken a dramatic shift. Mp3 downloads have become more expensive, etc., but the musician is bound to a contractual quota which hasn't changed. Those putting the music though, have.

So yes, the musician's music needs to be respected.

Happy New Year,
Shan xxx
Although it wouldn't hurt to get music for free, I understand that this is impossible, as the artists/bands actually try to live of it.

I personally prefer to buy music at music stores. There is no fun in digital music, and I am very sad to see that some of my favorite artits are going digital. Frowner
For me it is natural to pay for the work someone offers regardless of the area in which the work is done. The technical development now offers the possibility to get musical products "for nothing". That cannot be the right way, because there is no respect for the work of the artist, there is no balance between "give and take"! It's an expression of an egoic materialistic orientation - how can I get more and give less! See the topical "financial crises" which I think is a spiritual crises.

To look at other cultures can be inspiring: People in India who are not interested in ordinary life but devote themselves to spiritual search are supported from the society. For everone it is a great honour to take care of the "holy men". What about a little of this respect for the artists in the western world?

I agree with you, Udo, that the music industry first of all is interested to make money regardless of the creative intentions of the artists. A friend of mine, a composer of wonderful songs, entered into a contract of a great label hoping to publish his songs. He had to forget his songs, instead he had to follow the guideline of "his" managers, what in their eyes would be successful in the music market.
After two years my friend was depressed and sick and had to break off his musical carreer for a while. Fortunately he later joined a wellknown band, where he could live his musical creativity.

Thank you very much Loreena for following your way and inspiring us by your authenticity.
I love getting my favourite music in a music store. Absolutely. For me it's almost a "ritual" to go to my favourite music store and to buy my CDs.
I don't want to change my habites. A CD is, in my opinion, like a book and I need to have it in a material way.
(((Oh! my God!!!! in my bedroom there are a lot of CDs!... where can I put them? Eeker . For my CDs and my books there will be always a place Smiler ))).
And then it is rigth to pay for this wonderful and difficult art. We need it. A world without music is a world more sad. I'm sure.
Thank you so much for your incomparable music, Loreena!
On changes in music industry. Have there been any at all? The air-time music is about the same, over the years. The private collectons are someting differnt all together.Popularity in differnt artist varies upon degree of interest at the time's at hand.Music comes from ones soul as the saying goes.I would say ones musical taste depends on the color of thier soul. As far as LM from Canada I would say her soul is a good one indeed. But whom am I but a beggerman.
I’d be interested to learn about your thoughts on the current state of the music industry. Do you think music should be free? Do you prefer to get your music online or from a music store? To discuss these and other issues, please visit our message board and share your views.


I always pay for a good performance. Expect nothing for nothing. What I would love to see is a return of the Reel to Reel format. Not so easy to pirate that. Very first class way to present your music and some may argue "better sounding". Emailed with Ian, did he present this to you?

EyeDoc (done with vision)
Originally posted by Ramona:

this article has a lot of whacky comments, I can't believe people actually think like that

Well, sadly, it's so true! Take it from me, a california high school senior. Kids brag all the time about how they've downloaded the latest whatever for free! And 99% of the time, they're doing it illegally! It's bad for the person who's worked so hard to create their work, but are not getting any credit for it.
This article is kind of scary, especially if you bother to read through all the three pages and reach the end.

Loreena, I'd like to know what you think could be done to prevent illegal downloads. I think that tracking them down must be like Don Quijote's battle against the windmills. Do you think there is a possibility to stop them?

Please keep us updated, esp on your recording and touring plans.

And thanks to Imelda for finding that article! :-*

Anni This
Originally posted by Loreena:

On a final note, I’d be interested to learn about your thoughts on the current state of the music industry. Do you think music should be free? Do you prefer to get your music online or from a music store? To discuss these and other issues, please visit our message board and share your views.


Honestly, "free" music should be highly limited/restricted, and those who are enjoying the music should support the artist in some way or another by buying an album or other product. My older cousin Ryan is trying to enter the music and/or acting business (Lord help him!), and believe me, he is good at both! But it's really difficult for him because he told me that nothing's sacred anymore. Upstarting artists publish their work, and people steal it right away. He told me his buddies have run into those issues and have even had to go to court. Their solution: mail the original lyrics to yourself. The postmark will be evidence enough, in most cases!
As for obtaining music, I make it a point to buy the music from a store, usually Barnes and Noble, Frys Electronics (LOVE that store!), or Quinlan Road. I have seen some songs of yours online that may have been on cds from previous tours that were only one-time-offers (or possibly from questionable sources...Ahem! Mad). Anyhow, I was wondering, if and when you create a new album, could you include those songs? I believe a couple of these songs are "The Ballad of the Foxhunter" and "Mary and the Soldier."

Anyway, I hope things start looking up!
Yours truly,
Semaspa A
Sad as it is, music industry always change. From the traveling bards in the middle ages, The nobles patronage in the renaissance, to cd and tape, and now Digital Download. And pirate will always be pirate.

Live and adapt, that's what we musician do. Copyright? Important, but not everything. I like the road you are taking, create your own label and everything. I'll say forget the pirates, forget piracy, it will always exist. Instead concentrate on the people who love your music. your live concert is amazing and unique. Digital download you provide, all you need is more coverage (i never heard your name till i watch highlander 3 again and looked up for the songstress -.-")

You have proven you can adapt. 1985 up to 2010 and still going. From the early Elemental to The Ancient Muse, your music evolved with age (more beat,background sound). Santiago (1994) with Santiago (Alhambra) is so different, and you showed you can do it. Why not the same in the changing music industry?

also be mindful that your genre is not pop, you will never ever compete with pop idols;they feed on the masses, while you are more of a traditional folksong. Your music is beautiful, and i can see how much you like it too, as we do all.

Continue to survive and create beautiful music dear Loreena. Dont get dragged in copyright hell and mindless chasing piracy like big music group. People who loved your music will always buy the Original and Attend the Concert.

Hugs and Hugs (no do on kisses :P)

PS:really...your genre is so...unique, and i like it. I happen to like unique genre like Irish Loreena, Russian and Japanese Origa(great singer who fades in obscurity), and Yasunori Mitsuda (one heck of a Composer)
I'm not really sure if this is the appropriate place to put this as I hardly visit these boards and there seems to be a proliferation of subtopics...

Regardless, what got me thinking about Loreena's music again was the recent hearings on copyright issues taking place in Canada. I'm not even going to pretend I know enough about anything in the Canadian sphere with regards to laws, regulations, the environment of opinions surrounding copyright to say one way or another. I'd hardly venture to say I'm all that well versed in it on the US side.

The impression I got reading Loreena's comments (and some comments in the papers after Loreena's comments) is that we're moving more into a post-postmodern era of further splicing apart pop culture, 15 minutes of fame, and everything in the cultural marketplace into bytes and pieces that goes well beyond what has defined copyright in the past. While I don't disagree with what Loreena has stated, I pessimistically don't think that definition of copyright will be honored or enforced in that way. Life would be so much simpler if things could be how we think they should be based on a moral or ethical thought and everyone worked on the same moral and ethical thought process, but Murphy's Law and everything else states that it will precisely not succeed because the majority has decided they'll do the opposite. Or more exacting, the majority sees the merit in acting in a moral/ethical way, BUT (and there is always a qualifier in their argument), they deserve it. Or they don't make as much as the artist and who minds, the artist won't miss it.

This seems to be a curious problem in music and not quite so much as the arts (or rather, it is a different manipulation in art). Music, by nature of the digital revolution, has been reduced to bytes and bits and can easily be molded and manipulated from one source to the next. The sad part is that one can speculate and figure out problems and solutions to the problems, but it is enforcing the giant infrastructure that is the internet and users of the internet (and aforementioned lack of guiding ethical/moral principles) that will be the true test. And as I said before, not one I'm sure will ever be resolved to anyone's liking.

Where this brings me to you, Loreena, is that I find it a shame that your career and music has been reduced to a catch-22. You're damned if you make a new CD as it will be disseminated upon its release into bytes and bits and innumerable renditions on Youtube, and you risk losing the viewing population you have by not releasing something new. Given what's been said about the conundrums of figuring out tour logistics and the time and money needed for such an enterprise, I don't think anyone should take it as a surprise if I say that this might be it?
Not that you (or anyone) wanted it this way. I've been watching you embrace life away from the music business with your duties as the Honorary Colonel and much like the singer of the Fugees running for president of Haiti I would not be surprised if you step back completely into everyday life.

As for solutions, I have none. In the words of Louise Bourgeois, I propose no remedies or excuses. I suppose I wanted to let you know that I've been reading along, pondering along, to what you've had to say and I'll be the one voice in the wilderness that understands the complexities of why you may not visit my state on tour.

History proves that people would die without art...whether it be music or visual art...and yet, artists have usually ended up with the short end of the stick. Mozart is believed to have died a pauper, Michelangelo always had a difficult time getting paid for his work, and yet all of the really good works of art skyrocket in value AS SOON AS THE ARTIST DIES! What does this tell you? To put it quite bluntly: SUPPLY AND DEMAND. It also proves that we, as humans, do not do a very good job when it comes to appreciating other humans during "The Living Years". However, as long as we remain respectfully vocal, we may get heard and, better yet, heeded! No, music should NOT be free! That is the most ludicrous statement to be broadcast on radio/television in a long time! If music should be free, then so should ALL commodities, ALL services, and ALL pleasures. NOBODY would go for that, now, would they??? If we could do it, it would be well worth it to ban all music for 24 hours. Then people would begin to realize how important it really is. Artists are more blessed than most because their talents come from the Creator, and what better blessing is there than to be able to create beauty in an artistic way? Loreena, you are HUGELY blessed by our Creator! Keep sharing your wisdom with the world. Eventually, you will be heard by the people who have the power to change the "We want everything for FREE but WE must get paid top dollar for our own work" mentality of the Western World!
Dear Loreena,
Many words there are and many words that can be said, but the short of it is that it is all about greed and selfishness.
That being said, I did start writing many words in regards to that, but it was getting quite deep, so I deleted it.
Keep Scottland in the back of your mind, you will know why!
Moving on; I have listened to your music for a long time. When I listen, the instrumentation is really nice, but I listen intently to your voice.
Miss Loreena, I totally fall in love with you when I hear you sing, I have no words to explain it, accept that; you own my soul while I hear your voice! I have many CD's, I listen to a variety of music, but in my opinion, You have NO competition, period! At any level of musical art.
When I seen your prices on Quinlan Road for your music, I thought it a travesty that your prices are that low, you DESERVE (SO MUCH MORE)!
Music should be strictly sold in the stores; as long as the problems are the way they are. If people were honest and cared about others and there lives and privacies, online purchasing would be fine, but we know the adverse is true. So, what to do; you will come to know the answer and what could be done, but (I'm sorry) it will never be implemented!
I'm sorry for all artists that deserve their time and their due.
You will prevail though Loreena...... I know
Remember Scottland

Ms. McKennitt, I feel that even though it is waste to do so, I prefer to purchase a compact disc copy of music. I also like the vinyl records, although at present my family and I do not purchase them. As for the idea of "music for free," it sounds like a good idea. However, there is a bit of setback as artists like you need to be paid in order to make a living and survive both in the music industry as well as within their personal lives. Do you know what I mean? Thank you for listening and ff you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask.

I won't lie: I get files for free on internet. But my personal policy concerning music is plain simple: if I love what I'm listening to, I'll buy the retail copy. I know most people don't even care about the value of a composition and are interested only in acquiring the final product as easy as possible, no hassle involved. But it pays little tribute to the artist. I'm having issues trying to buy original, physical copies from my favorite artists and that includes Loreena McKennitt's masterpieces. In my country the stores are losing interest in keeping CDs and all that stuff and the high prices are outrageous. Only option that would remain is to import from another country. But here comes the plot-twist: if one of the highest taxes over imported products wasn't enough to block your interest in importing CD/DVDs/Vynil, here in Brazil we have to wait MONTHS to receive our packages. Bureaucracy's the word. If you're luck, you'll get your hands on your package after four months of wait. Postmail Agency doesn't care about your end of the bargain.

So, yes I do love to buy retail versions of my favorite artists, but it's not always that we, people who live outside USA or Canada or even first world countries, can enjoy the best of market can get. By the way, I still watch Nights from the Alhambra. I still love this show and it was hard for me to get a original copy at the time.

Knowing most of brazilian people don't know much of english language and paying attention to it, me and a friendhas created a transcription for the entire show, translating from the original to portuguese, of course. I still think this kind of feature is mostly underused in this type of technology. I know this show was recorded in high definition, but I can't understand why a bluray release was not available until then.

If there is any interest in trying this subtitles I've speak about, please, do not shy on asking for it. I was touched by the messages that Loreena keeps spreading to the whole world and would keep helping the way I can if it would be appreciated by someone else.

I am quite disappointed that Best Buy and other stores are going to stop selling CDs on their shelves. What a bummer. Besides Barnes and Noble, I may not be able to get Ms. McKennitt's "Lost Souls" or future albums elsewhere, as I prefer to get physical copies of albums to add to my collection.

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