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 Oct 20 Reading, PASantander Performing Arts Center

Lets start off with I'm a guy and going to the concert above.  I have been to rock concerts and indoor and out but nothing like this and I don't want to show up over or underdressed. Also does the place I'm going to have a dress code. Please help thx

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I'm not sure about the venue you're going to, but I will be seeing her on Oct. 14 and I am a woman, and I'll be dressed "dress/casual", i wouldn't wear jeans, as long as it's neat I don't think it matters, khakis and a button down shirt or anything that's not a T. Be comfortable and enjoy her music. Looking at the videos of people at her concerts, they're not wearing formal clothes. I was hoping to see her full orchestra, but this will be small, I'll probably miss the sound of the electric violin and all the other ancient instruments. Enjoy!

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I have had the privilege of seeing Ms. McKennitt in symphony halls, elegant churches, small clubs, civic centers, ornate theaters etc. and one thing is constant...the attire women and men wear is all over the map.  The Santander performing arts center looks a lot like many of facilities Ms. McKennitt chooses so the venue will not dictate attire.   I suggest you wear what makes you feel comfortable and at the same time pays homage to the community and the performers who are coming together to share this musical experience.


I suggest that you wear something nice; however, there should be no jeans or sneakers...just out of respect for the mistress who is performing on stage. When I attended Ms. McKennitt's most recent performance, I was wearing a blouse, a skirt, some tights and a dress jacket. Although it was, to some extent, dressy, it was kind of simple. Remember, look presentable. You may never know if you will meet Loreena McKennitt herself. It's like going to a formal dinner with a duchess or maybe even a princess. On top of that, you are going to see a woman who was just made Honorary Colonel of the entire Royal Canadian Air Force. That, of course, is important.

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