Song Request Possible? (Brussels, March 15)

Hey guys,

Loreena has been performing "Full Circle" as the final song during the tour, except for one date where she skipped it. Full Circle is one of my favorite songs ever, and I would love to hear it live at my concert in Brussels on March the 15th.

Is there a way to submit this request to Loreena's staff? Assuming that Full Circle remains the final song of the concert for the rest of the tour, I really hope that she actually performs it in Brussels. Or is such a request completely futile?

Thank you in advance.


Aaron van der Brugge

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Arend, I remember doing something similar when Ms. McKennitt was doing her "An Ancient Muse." I contacted Quinlan Road Ltd. to find out if Ms. McKennitt could do "Dark Night of the Soul and the woman on the phone (who happened to be Robin at the time) said that it would not be possible for Ms. McKennitt to do song requests. I reckon that the same would apply to all other performances she had done, has done and will have done. I would really love if she did do "Dark Night of the Soul." After all, it does sound romantic, even though it is actually a spiritual "love song." Do you agree?

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