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I noticed lately there has been a ton of spam being posted onto the message boards; I know we have a "report" button to use, but I was wondering if there's anything (else) we in the Loreena McKennitt message board community should know or be aware of when dealing with junk posts.  

I enjoy participating in the conversations about Loreena's wonderful music, and would like to continue to do so without being bombarded with irrelevant (and, dare I say, occasionally inappropriate) content.

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Some posts have been delated, maybe would be useful if fans report it by sending Mark the exact URL (just copy the link and that's it) to help in that. I personally sent to Mark 3-4 inappropriate posts, but I wonder: there is somebody ho really needs to sign up to share porno things here? Thanks for reporting immediately and to keep this place a peaceful one.

I find it hard to believe but not surprising that this community message board is stricken with posts containing so-called "advertisements" about jewelry and athletic shoes. It is definitely unnecessary unless Quinlan Road Ltd. approves of a certain kind of advertising. That sounds like a plan; however, it sounds wild that a coupon or a video for, say, a chain restaurant would end up on Ms. McKennitt's website.

Sorry, forgot to mention that it is concerning a scam. Here is what followed.  

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Hey, Mark. Someone is at it again with this so-called "escalator" advertisement posted on this forum (even though I personally love the picture.) Sempsa, thank you very much for bringing up the topic of the "spam posts" earlier on. I wonder if this could bring to Quinlan Road staff's attention just case something else that collectable sports jersey thing that we had recently.

Sandras, it is a total shame that someone (or perhaps a robot) tried to use that email with the same web address to deceive you into something that does not exist. Whoever or whatever that is, responsibility has to be assumed. It would be strange indeed if Quinlan Road would have allowed some source to advertise chocolate bars stamped with scenes inspired by the album songs or "The Mummers' Dance" music boxes for fans to purchase. 

Well, Sandras, I was just thinking of the possibility for Ms. McKennitt's record label to expand its merchandise catalog other than just selling CDs, vinyl, gift box sets, books, bags, autographed items, T-shirts (especially from past tours) and the like. Imagine if Quinlan Road Ltd. could sell candy bars with, for example, a picture of those "Bonny Swans" or Penelope standing on the shore and waiting for Odysseus's return for "Penelope's Song"...if you get my drift. I am sure that any of Ms. McKennitt's fans who is into chocolate like I am would find it special, extraordinary and rare and perhaps, even covet it.

Sandras, are you into chocolate? I thought a collectable Loreena McKennitt or Quinlan Road Limited tea tin would be a nice addition to the catalogue. What do you think?  I would like to see a picture of a caravanserai (or a tent in the middle of the desert as shown on the cover of An Ancient Muse) stamped on the candy bar and that is, of course and as you may have figured out, in the spirit of the song, "Caravanserai."

That sounds fair enough, Sandras. However, the tea flavor would have to depend on what kind that Ms. McKennitt enjoys and she can share what she likes with her own "legionaries." It would be kind of like a recommendation. Another would be a cookbook featuring some favorite recipes from the members of the forum, Quinlan Road Limited Staff and from "Colonel" McKennitt herself.

Then, it will be called "A Journey Through Cooking: Favorite Recipes from Loreena McKennitt and the Members of the Quinlan Road Limited Community." I wonder if Quinlan Road is selling coffee mugs. I thought they were there before, but I am wondering if those items are taken off the website's sales catalogue.  

Thank you, Sandras. As you may have figured out, the many colored puzzle pieces within the heart are a recognized symbol of autism. They represent the beautiful complexity of a neurological difference.

So, you tell me that you travel light. You give me an idea: a Quinlan Road BPA-free water bottle that is easy clip on to your knapsack.

You know, I just started a topic on tour merchandise and we take this discussion from the concept of "Spam Posts" to that one.

Sandras, I am also an autie. Yes, I did mean a water bottle that would be easy to carry around. I wonder how Ms. McKennitt would feel about advertising her stuff to the public domain. I even have couple of funny tales about her in regards to what she does when the fans are not looking or do not know about and I myself have fabricated them just for entertainment purposes. You can find them under the forum topic "Secret Sky." There has one about the winged monkeys and another about the banana boat in the park along the Avon River.

Check it out.

I am unsure about how she would feel. I've seen her perform once last October. Who she is, or what she likes, or dislikes is unknown to me. If you know personal things about her through perhaps you should seek her permission, if possible, before making them public? I think that would go for the public domain products too. I am not sure how that would work either. You have some really good ideas though!  Seems like you're pretty passionate about the site and her music. 

Actually, Sandras, the reason that I said something about wondering how Ms. McKennitt feels is because I do not want to hurt her feelings or invade her privacy. I know that she has discussed "the cult of celebrity" and I do not step on her toes in terms of her not wanting to be too much in the limelight. In the meantime, I hope that you get plenty of rest and have a good day at work.

Sandras, I have to say Ms. McKennitt is not only one taking privacy. Her contemporary and possibly "person of admiration," Enya, is doing similar, but making things more difficult. Oh, by the way, a happy birthday to that lovely Irish Queen of New Age music. I hope that she continues to "sail away" happily down the river of life.

Sandras, I myself had the recent opportunity to meet Ms. McKennitt personally. Yes, I may not know all of what she likes and it's not our job to do that, but I do know one thing that she is into. PM me when you can.  For future reference, let's not send her spam, be it canned meat or false electronic messages.

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