Spreckels Theater, San Diego!

I realize it's been about a week since the concert at the Spreckels Theater, but now that things have calmed down a little for me, I can finally sit down and write a little something (albeit, long-winded--I apologize). 

Thank you so much, Loreena, for making it to San Diego and for taking the time from the rest of your busy night after the concert to come and say hello!   

I had missed out on seeing you twice since I had been first introduced to your music--I guess the third time really is the charm, and being able to attend in such a beautiful and intimate venue as Spreckels certainly more than made up for lost time.  I loved that the concert was a trio performance; Brian and Caroline are stellar musicians in their own right, and it was wonderful to see their talent shine, as well as the genuine connection the three of you displayed. 

My favorite moment had to be the journal entries and historical narratives; as you read the passages, they heightened the emotional level of the songs they corresponded with.  I will take the liberty to second a request from another member of the message boards to have the narratives and the trio arrangements of the songs available to enjoy, especially with The Lark in the Clear Air at the end--the arrangement where you opted for the piano was the best I'd ever heard, bar none! 

Meeting you after the concert was the icing on the cake!  Your signing the booklet from my copy of The Book of Secrets was very special, as that was the first CD of yours that I had.  I really wanted to talk a little more, but what I wanted to say didn't come as easily as I thought it would.  I wanted to tell you about my 7th grade language arts teacher playing The Highwayman for my class after we studied the poem for homework.  I wanted to mention how I originally wanted to be a veterinarian too (of course that didn't happen for me, either), and that connection resonated with me.  I admit I goofed by not letting myself get that far in person, but I still loved the time I had!

I will eventually have a similar post of my experience on my personal blog (I'll add a link once I get it up), but I thought I'd start off here. 

Thank you again for bringing your tour back to San Diego; it was an incredible night, and I will always cherish the memory!



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Thanks Alexandra, it's always a pleasure to be able to know of a Loreena's tour, especially when it's so far off, on the other side of the ocean. It's curious that when I met her the first time, I also asked her for a signiture on the first Cd I had, but it was The visit. In this picture you look really excited!  

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