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I attended the Midsummer Night's Tour in Lörrach/Germany and thought it a great idea to have a souvenir of that beautiful evening. So I ordered a t-shirt from the merchandise shop. After receiving it yesterday, I saw that it was made in Bangladesh. There has been a lot of media discussion on the deplorable labour conditions in Bangladesh's garment industry (f.e. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8469977.stm).
How can we be sure that Loreena's t-shirts were not produced in one of those exploitative "sweat shop" firms, where women work for less than $ 30 per month, which is not enough for living even in one of the poorest countries in the world?
I am sure Loreena would not agree to support such a shame. Please check and let us know.
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Hi Cassiopeia! I attended one show this summer and I bought the t-shirt after the show.
I've seen that it was made in Bangladesh the day after and I was really disappoint about this choose from who makes t-shirts for Quinlan Road. When I showed it to my friends one of them said "I didn't expect this choose from a person like Loreena McKennit". But I'm sure, or I hope, it was not her choose.
It makes me feel very sad that after more than a month there has been nothing from Quinlan Road to meet my concern about the origin of those t-shirts. And that except for Dreamingmydreams (grazie!) no other fan seems to care about this issue either. For me QR's silence is a clear sign that the shirts do come from those dirty "sweat-shops" places in Bangladesh. I definitely will never buy any again.
Ok, thanks Mark for the information. I will write to QR hoping to get an answer.

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Hello everyone. This is a discussion board for fans. If you have questions for Quinlan Road, you may wish to email them to postmaster@quinlanroad.com for a direct and more immediate response.

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