Tattoo of Loreena, Thank You for guiding me.

Hello to the Quinlanroad Team, fans, and Loreena. I reach out to you, and your people. In hopes that my voice will be heard. Let me first start off by saying, that I'm a huge fan of Loreena. I'm so very grateful that I've been able to experience this gift of music, brought on by everyone in the team. I'm truly inspired by the creative people who have helped Loreena on her journey. I come to you, presenting my tattoo'd tribute to Loreena. For her music, has driven me to keep going in life. Your music has saved me. Thank you. 


So Cheers! Cheers for all the hope, you have given to your fans. Keep Creating, Keep Loving, and Never Lose Hope. 


Sending thanks, from a 22 year old fan - Austin Bakaric 


Tattoo information: The style of the artist "God Machine" to create an original design of my favorite musician "Loreena McKennitt"

The image of her, comes from the cover art of the album "The Mask and The Mirror" with a bit of an "art nouveau" style. 

Artist: Walt Watts
Studio: Lucky Bamboo Tattoo


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