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Thank you Loreena for the intellect and heart that you put into you music, Have been a fan since the 80;s. Your music always speak to me,yes maybe it is that Celtic connect.

Love the new CD "Lost Souls " as with all your music their so much depth.

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I can’t stop listening to “in my own words”

Trough the stories behind each song, it’s so more beautiful.

Here in the Netherlands the CD is described as the best CD of the year.

Long hidden stories and fantastic musisians.

I am also a fan of Ana Alcaide, it was a suprise that she is part of this CD.

Thank you so much for this masterpiece and i’m looking forward to the tour in 2018


Els van der Linden


Hoi Mark, 

  • First i always listen to the lyrics, than the melodie.

Afther that i hear the track completely.

Spanish night was a suprising.

Breaking the sword was right thrue mij heart.

I was born just afther the second world war, so i know the story's

A hundred wishes?

we heve them all!

Loreena blows the stars from heaven with her voice.

And the words are strong and beautiful.

(McKennitt signs CDs at Barnes and Noble when suddenly, a voice from beyond speaks to her.)

Announcer: "Loreena McKennitt, you've just released an new album. What are you going to do next?"

McKennitt: "I'm going to take a trip around the world and share my music...with other people."

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