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I came across Loreena's music while wandering somewhere in Cyprus, where i found a small shop selling souvenirs from India. Didnt buy anything. Left the shop, walked about 100 metres when i felt i needed to go back. Yes. I managed to convince the shopkeeper to sell me his cd Mask and Mirror.

I got married in 2001 our wedding song was Loreenas "Full Circle". Everybody cried.. such a powerful song...

And still in 2016 after many years have passed, after being divorced , i get very emotional when listening this song and this album.

So i started my therapy of listening to other Loreenas albums Just amazing music - close your eyes and her voice and music takes you to some magical wonderland....

Thank you for the emotions !

Best regards,


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I too, am moved by Loreena's songs. They take me to places far far away that are beautiful and peaceful. Once in a while, if I listen to a song that I haven't heard  for some time, will become "new" again and I find myself in awe once again. It's sad to hear of your divorce. Hopefully that album will no longer be sad for you.

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Hi again Loreenya!

If you read my last post, you know how I've been in 2016, only partly. It's been a 21/2 year battle for Nancy with her cancer. I took her to her doctor appointments and her chemo treatments. Her diagnosis was 4 to 6 months. She last a lot longer than the doctors expected. But they didn't know Nancy! She was a fighter, she never gave up.

Once she was in the hospital, I was reading to her and came across "Cymbeline". I envisioned Loreena, softened my voice, took deep airy breaths and as lightly as possible, sang the song and when I was done Nancy's roommate and her family clapped their hands. I was in shock! They thought I was a professional! I'm still laughing as I can't sing to save my life! So I gave them Loreena website and made another fan for her. I wish I could get paid for all the new fans I make for Loreena. It's roughly 1 to 2 a month. Once I made 5 automatic fans for her. It's not me doing the selling, it's Loreena herself. Her beauty is so contagious.

I got to go, my baby girl is home! Ok, she's 23 now...still keep,

Eclectic Celticing!

Hello, Gina. I am sorry that I did not get an opportunity to reply to your statement regarding the circumstances involving "your baby girl." I hope that she is okay and feeling better. An illness in the family brings forth a challenging time. However, be comforted that ailment and anguish, regardless of how long it may be, are temporary and that it is in the hands of Providence. As Colonel McKennitt once put it, "the Lord only knows." Speaking of McKennitt and music, I managed to create a "gift" for the maestra's birthday. I rewrote the words and set to a melody from a song in "The Sound of Music." It is called "Loreena." I emailed that to her, but, as of now, I did not get a response. Oh well...I will just have to wait for the Colonel to return to her base in Stratford (aka "Loreenaland"). P.S. It would be interesting to see if "Loreenaland" had a merry-go-round in one of its parks. Besides, no such carousel exists there.   

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