The Carnegie Performance: The Way of the Rain - Voice of Hope

This is a time of healing; that is what my mind and heart have been searching for these past couple of months. It's been a challenging year personally, and also with all this political unrest and wars against people, are just enough to set us back to the dark ages in mind. So I made a promise to myself to seek healing through artistry.  I started go to local museums, and concerts to start this personal campaign of healing.  I attended the beautiful program of The Way of the Rain - Voice of Hope at the Carnegie Hall in New York.  I watched the entire program, with my knees planted into the cushions of the tall bar stool in the third box of the mezzanine. Yup. My friend and I were in one of the box rooms, and our seats were in the back of this small space.  In order to see, I needed to climb up on the tall bar chair, plant my knees into the cushion, and straighten up to see over the sea of people in front of me. With my wonderful glasses, I was able to see the stage crystal clearly.   And there I remained for the rest of the night in glorious excitement.  But I was very careful not to topple over the people in front of me.  I was quiet as a mouse, until I would whoop in appreciation for our favorite performer.

It was like seeing people you have missed for ages. It was a great feeling to see Hugh Marsh again.  I'm just a huge Hugh fan.  What an extraordinary musician he is.  The sounds he can make come out of his violin is just out of this world. You can be transported through his playing. I wonder if he has a name for the violin? You know like BB King called his guitar Lucille.  I would like to say I would have loved it, once again, that Carnegie's sound people would have given him more volume.  From where I was standing, I didn't think the sound was loud enough, until towards the end of the last song he played on, which was I believe The Old Ways.  But that's ok Hugh Marsh, I was listening with my heart and it was the best ever. It was awesome!

Caroline Lavelle, I have to say that when she plays the cello, it sounds so like a human mystic voice humming.  Soulful humming, with various ranges. From so high to very low - from soprano to bass. The sound is so rich, deep and it just rocks!  I particularly love her solo on Old Ways. You know which one.  Talk about taking the sound from an instrument and going beyond, to take it to the next magnificent level.  Caroline Lavelle you are amazing!

Joey Schumann was fabulous as usual. He played the Uilleann Pipes and the penny whistle. Thank you for your sound, because it just took me back of when I first heard the original recordings. The sound of the penny whistle reminded me of tress in nature, and the wind that goes through them. It was breathtaking listening to his sound and watching the film of mother nature and of the universe.  Almost brought me to tears to my eyes. Joey Schumman, you made this joyous. 

Brian Hughes, with his smooth playing on the guitar.  The stage was crowded with musicians, so that I was only able to see the back of him. I was looking for him when Caroline Lavelle and Hugh Marsh took their places front stage.  But even if I didn't see him, I knew his style of playing guitar. He can make the sound of his guitar like a smooth wave. It was forever flowing like the waterfalls they were showing in the film.  You have such a unique sound, that it puts me in such a wonderful state of mind. Thank you Brian Hughes.

It's hard to imagine not knowing about a singer-songwriter and musician who has the voice of soaring eagle. Not necessarily the sound of the eagle, but what the eagle represents.  To me, Loreena's voice and musicianship is the eagle of hope.  I was healed by the fact she and her fellow musicians came to New York to perform in this concert of the quest to save our earth.  I haven't been keeping up with all that is Loreena, but when I received the email of her upcoming performance, I answered quickly, by getting tickets immediately.  I want to say I'm a fan of her voice, her music and her compositions.  I have been muling over the Quinlan Road sheet music.  I have started a musical journey, and as part of my healing campaign, I have added her compositions, to my growing harp repertoire.  What seems like a life changing instance, is when you have a “full circle moment”.  Dante's Prayer brought me to a full circle moment.  For me personally, it was a confirmation to opening up my mind and heart for new experiences such as this; the concert, the music, the message about the world, and it’s need for us to take the lead in taking good care of our planet and to understand the beauty and  resources that it offers.  Dante’s Prayer has been a song I have been learning this year. Dante’s Prayer as well as To The Fairies They Draw Near, Two Trees, and the Old Ways are such  wonderful additions to The Way of the Rain -Voices of Hope concert.  And you should know that the tremendous choir sang the vocals as it was on the original recording of Dante’s Prayer.  Stunning! 

I kept thinking that the folks down in the orchestra seats were so lucky because after the show they would be able to give thanks to these musicians, as they exit the stage. I believed the stage was in line as the level of the orchestra seatings.  I was on the first mezzanine.  But sometimes circumstances can surprise you.  My friend suggested we go to the ladies room before leaving to catch our train, and when we came out, we noticed that some of the musicians were coming out of a side door.  In any case we gave thanks to a Native Americian singer by the name of Robert Maribel. He has an amazing voice and plays the flute (the Native flute) beautifully.  We stayed and I was hoping beyond hope that I would just see Loreena McKennitt.  I was not disappointed, I was able to catch her before she left. I screamed out “I'm a big fan and love your music.”    I would have loved to have given flowers but next time I will bring them. Although I had to laugh at my approach in calling out to Loreena McKennitt. I was so pleased to see her nonetheless. Loreena McKennitt, heartfelt and sincerest thank you to you very much for being there at Carnegie Hall in New York. It was truly an honor to see you. 



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Lizjul, what a treat that was for you and thank you for sharing your experience! I loved reading your post and your words painted the evening so clearly I could feel Loreena singing and her musicians playing and you're correct on the point of her musicians are very talented. They have to be, don't they? To play with and keep up with Loreena!

Is there a video of the concert?



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