The Journey So Far – The Best Of


Among the hitherto position of this extremely eclectic artist is a total of nine studio albums, three more compilations (including the latest including), five live concertos and a DVD-recorded concert from the Alhambra in Spain. This year is thirty years of Loreena's creative work, and she decided to compose another piece of work, to give her fans a slightly dusted, musical journey. It's a career summary and a colorful story about places, people, times - even mythical.

But it all starts with a well-chosen scenery. Her works have always been produced in unusual places. I will start with the stable in Southern Ontario, the Benedictine monastery in Ireland, and I will finish listing Peter Gabriel's Real World Studio in the British Isles.



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It's a good thing that Ms. McKennitt allowed for a "best of" album to be released. It's only fair, especially in a continually competitive music market that has artists putting their own "best of" albums. The ever popular single remix of "The Mummers' Dance" is the best way to go as I like that version of Ms. McKennitt's trademark and "magnum opus" very much. (I mean "magnum opus" as in best work.)

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