The music of Eastern Europe

I would love to see Loreena explore the rich musical landscape of Eastern Europe on her next recording.
The blend of Slavic love songs and medieval folklore, gypsy/roma ballads and dances, and the music
of the jewish culture that has been there for centuries. i think it would be unique, but also
allow for the familiar style of Loreena we all love. Please Loreena, wont you consider it?
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I agree with you, Christoph! Since I heard "An Ancient Muse" - this music touched me a lot. Loreena McKennitt weaved Eastern sounds with occidentals, like the threads in a carpet. She seems to be always on the lookout for musical inspiration, usually associated with traveling to these countries. Every melody, every song has got its own history....
I hope she will continue to collect songs and ballads from the Balkans and  from interesting regions in the Middle East!

In speaking of Eastern European music, there is one particular folk melody that appeals to me and something that Ms. McKennitt has not touched other than the Ukrainian folk music that I was referring to earlier. It is a Bulgarian melody called "Kaval sviri" or "the flute is playing." It tells from the perspective of a girl who makes an excuse to see the young man she loves and would otherwise be in a bit of trouble for being involved with him.

I just heard this Bulgarian folk melody, it´s a very special music sung by pretty maidens in their national dresses. It appeals to me too.... I must hear it several times to recognize the subtleties! 
By the way, I visited a concert of pupils coming from the Czech Republic who are Roma a few weeks ago. They sang their songs with fervor, it was very interesting and touched all the audience! Their teacher was a woman, also Roma, she works with children since 25 years, some of the kids were street children. It is nearly impossible for her to sing the Roma songs publicly in her home country because Roma people still are not very viewed. It was a special experience!

Yes, I meant "Kaval sviri"! I have some friends in Bulgaria and want to ask them about this song and their folk music. 
Perhaps you know the movie "Fortunes of War" with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh? It tells the story of a young couple traveling from England to Romania where the husband accepts a job as professor of English literature at the university in Bukarest - in the shadow of the approaching Second World War. I like this movie very much because of the actors and the Romanian music at the beginning of each part (there are three parts)! The main theme based on Anton Pann´s song "Mugur Mugurel". The music is very "Balkan-like"!

No, I have not heard about the film that you were referring to, but in regards to "Kaval sviri," I discovered that song years ago when I learned that it became the basis for the theme music of the 1990s cult television series, "Xena: Warrior Princess."  That can be strange for certain ears, but it's not uncommon for people to find a folk melody or something familiar and turn it into something else.

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