The Performance vs the Audience.

The Performance- I can't get enough of.
I'm wondering about the flowers thrown on the stage for Mrs. Loreena. The applause was apprapo,
but the flowers were kinda dull looking, and not indicative to her performance. Was it winter in Spain, and they have no gardens. Or was it a cultural thing, where those type of flowers are the best you could throw to a performer?

Awesome! Loved the concert. Wondering if she has similar type concerts?
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checking i to see what the big announcement is for today; despite Mercury, Pluto, Venus and yes, no lie Uranus in T square. I will periodically check this site for update. Id love to order "Nights from the Alhambra", to share with others so they can view and feel the palpable love. Im not sure how to. Blessings, Claire in Seattle

Howdy.  just wrote yesterday about the astrology present right now. Its actually known as a Grand Cross and Pluto invites such deep change with Uranus and Mercury touching the issue of timing: then Venus. i was thinking how fortuitous Loreena is where she is out in the world most likely affecting this deep shift . yup. i actually haven't yet been able to return emails...tried sending to boards, community, blah they aren't going through. blessings.  Claire in Seattle

Hello Community
Hmmmn. Planets aligned for Ms. Loreena? I made a comment many months ago
about feeling ‘soul’ in her work...especially in Never Ending Road. It
feels to me as though there is; indescribable in other terms, a deep
wordless connect that fills the calm and ‘light’ that I find when
meditating. The realm of ‘Soul’ is very private, as it is individual
development interfacing with the ‘beyond’ for me.
( I have farming family history from Manitoba...however dunno)
Her songs bring something back to me from beyond.
This is only my second or third post ever.

On Fri, May 4, 2018 at 1:44 PM Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:
Claire here. What specifically I vague to you? The soul body is different
that the mental or emotional. It’s has taken me so many years and
experiences to venture to even share. I sense scrutiny. I offer open
hearted ness.
Whom is Loreenya? I see your comments but am unfamiliar with specific
community members and their roles.

On Mon, May 7, 2018 at 3:01 PM Loreena McKennitt Community <> wrote:

Okay, everyone. Let's redirect ourselves to the concept of performance and audience. Let me ask you all a question: Is it better to be a performer or be a member of the audience? I would say that being a member of the audience is best and in this way, I wouldn't have to worry about getting a song to sound perfect or make a mistake in front of thousands of people night after night. I wonder how "Colonel" McKennitt feels about being on stage and in front of strangers. Maybe she gets those jitters or perspiration under those stage lights, potentially baking overhead and at more than one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. 

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