The song 'Pagan Trees'

 Earlier this year, just before I attended one of Loreena's concerts in Italy, I had come across an old recording of her song, supposedly called 'Pagan Trees' ). I came to love it instantly.

 I own every album of Loreena's and have listened to all of her songs multiple times throughout the years but this one gets me like few other could. Never before have I felt such strong nostalgia whilst listening to a song. A nostalgia rooted far in the past. Far beyond the time when I was a child. I cannot find a way to describe the way it makes me feel. The waltz melody, especially on the course, embodies Loreena's sound: Epic, wavey, ancient and glorious, silky and mystical, but at the same time very real and palpable. Therefore, I would love nothing more than to hear the studio version of this piece. Given that Loreena is preparing an album containing outtakes from previous recordings, my hopes are very high. I just cannot imagine looking at the tracklist for her next album and not finding this song on it. I would be devastated. I've spoken to many other people about this song and they all feel a similar way.

 So I would love to hear what you, the community, have to say about this magical harmony of sound, time and words that is 'Pagan Trees'. Maybe someone has other recordings or perhaps knows the lyrics. Anything will be welcome!

Thank you, Loreena, for this song, your art and everything in between!



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Hi Taliesin
Thanks for reminding that very rare Loreena's recording!
I have 3 versions of this song (for one you put the link above) - if you want other versions please give me your email. Unfortunatly, the quality is not the best.

Hope Loreena put "Ballad of the Foxhunter" on her new recording as this song is also beatiful and it needs to finally find its place on an offical album!

Regarding lyrics, well I have never found any BUT many years ago (10 probably) I did some transcription from hearing and I think it has maaaaaaany errors/misheards and generally it doesn't have much sense (I am not native ENG speaker)
Since that 10 years I haven't done any updates with the lyrics.

If you want that too, feel free to ask


Hello, Rafał (TOKOFEROL)!

You have no idea how happy you just made me.

Magic happens when Loreena puts Yeats's words to music and so is the case with Ballad of the Foxhunter and I am sure it will appear on her next album. The song is very charming. 

As for the recordings of Pagan Trees, please send any you have to my address: Being a non-native English speaker, I've also failed to completely transcribe the lyrics, if you want, send them too. 

Have a pleasant day!

I too, love this song, as all other Loreena songs. When it comes down to it, she could record the Barney theme song and I'd fall in love with it! I'm smitten and enticed with her voice and style of singing that I doubt there would be a song I didn't like coming from her. There's only 1 other band I can say that about, alas, they've broken up some time ago.

Happy Eclectic Celticing!

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