My wife and I are fond fans of Loreena, and have most (if not all...) of her recordings.


As we listen to them, we are struck by the fact that many of the same tunes appear on different albums, identifying them with different titles.


The recordings may have some new instrumentals, and in some cases even very minor modified lyrics, but it is clear they are the same tune.


Most artists name their pieces with one name. Why do your tunes have so many different titles?




Hank & Norma Jean

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Hi Chuck,


Well...there are many examples. We'll have to listen to sequences again so we can "name-that-tune" to speak.


Do you have all her albums? If you start at the beginning....and slowly work your way through her'll easily hear what I mean.


In the next few weeks, I will try to listen enough to make the "title-connections" and let you know.





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