"The Visit" - 25th Anniversary Reissue

I'm surprised no one has made a thread about this yet!

At long last, one of Loreena's signature releases, "The Visit", is being reissued on vinyl to celebrate the album's 25th anniversary.  Many fans consider this record a favorite, and it also marks when Loreena began to explore musical elements from other parts of the world beyond the more Western Celtic traditions.


I can't wait to hear the exotic melodies of "All Souls Night", the calm nature of "Courtyard Lullaby", and all the other classics, in such great quality!

So let's discuss this new release here!

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Well this was worth the wait. Arrived in good condition, one small bend in a corner. Cleaned and treated the record as usual on new discs and started with side one. Amazing tone and dynamics. The ability to hear the layers of instruments one of the many attributes of vinyl that I love. I heard a whole section of percussion during ''Between the Shadows'' that I have never heard/noticed before and the vocals that LM does during ''Lady of Shallot" is just spell binding. Thank you LM and the whole team who produced and mastered this record, it is a masterpiece.

Gina- I would get a copy as soon as you can, even if you don't own a turntable as of yet. They will not be around forever. There appear to be some good value tables from a company called U-Turn Audio here is the USA. Not sure where you are, but used tables are around also. Happy listening.


Thanks, I do have a great turntable and stereo equipment, I just need a needle. I do have a huge vinyl collection that is 30 plus years old and even have some albums that are very rare. I live in Washington, US. am planning on hunting down a needle then setting up the turntable again as the equipment has changed a lot since the last time. I even have an old reel to reel that I like to use when I'm working on other projects and don't want to keep turning the album over.

I do love the art work on vinyl albums. It would be a treat alone to have the art work on Loreena's cds enlarged.


It's not hard to get the proper replacement needle or replace the cartridge. I am in the Santa Cruz Mtns.  in Calif  or I would offer to help. Hang on to that reel to reel, very big in the audio circles. Just listened to The Visit while enjoying a beverage as the sun set. Happy listening, Chris. 

It sounds like you had a beautiful evening. That's just another reason I love Loreena, she makes my world beautiful. And I've made some special friends through this message board too that make my life wonderful. I appreciate your kind words. I do plan on keeping all my stereo equipment, even the big speakers that now sit in the garage doing nothing as we have newer surround sound speakers in the media room. If you are wondering, yes, I just had my coffee, and I'm just rambling on. Sorry....

It's a great time to listen to The Visit. I teach greeting card classes and Loreena helps me to open up my imagination, so today, I'll imagine the Santa Cruz Mountains as the sunsets while listening to Loreena while I create my next card class. Thanks for the beautiful imagery!

Happy Eclectic Celticing,


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