The Alhambra palace was a great place to hold a concert. perfect for Loreena, but there are many other famous landmarks that would also be great places for a concert. someone had the idea of Stonehenge, I had the idea of the Great Wall of China. does anyone else have some ideas? I've listed a few, but tell me what your are.
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Hi Jesse:
Of course I enjoy seeing Loreena┬┤s concerts in any place. But I love one place "ABU SIMBEL" in the esplanade placed between the temples.
A magic and lovely place for a wonderfull singer. Wink
But ....Stonehenge, Salisbury, UK...Thats Ok!!! Wink
I voted other, as I'd like to see Loreena perform in Venice, Italy at Piazza S. Marco, or even at the Arena of Verona, in Verona, Italy.

I wish to add even Piazza del Campo, Siena, Tuscany, Italy. They all would be open-air concerts, to be held in the Summer.
In these last days I was roaming through the downtown of Pisa, Tuscany, where you can admire its own typical leaning tower....I imagine you know. So, at a certain point when I was walking across the beautiful 'Piazza dei Cavalieri', I said to myself: 'This square would be the perfect setting for a new summer Loreena's outdoor!!!' Loreena, I assure you that you could like it; since you are coming to Italy next week, you could take a day off and come down to Pisa to check this location. Wink It won't let you down. Razzer

BYE Loreena, I wish you a good and 'safe' travel to Italy, as weather conditions and forcasts are actually much snow in North, but I forgot you live so many months in the snow,it won't be a problem.
Hello, Jesse!
I've never seen this post before. in fact I've post my idea about your question in another place Roll Eyes Razzer
I live in Bari, in the south of Italy, and some kilometres far there is a wonderful castle called "Castel del Monte". This old and historical castle is situated above a hill and in my opinion it is a perfect place for a Loreena's summer performance.
Below I get some links where you can see the castle.
What do you think about it? let me know.
Smiles, Mary

Castel del Monte-History

Castel del Monte-Location

Castel del Monte-Photogallery
I would much prefer if Ms. McKennitt had performed in a venue that has religious significance. One of them I have in mind is the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. How about St. Peter's Square in the Vatican? I am looking more at historical Marian shrines as a venue.
Hello wildflower!
I like the look of this castle! I haven't seen the third link yet as it is taking too long to load and I don't have a lot of time to look at it today, but the first two links are quite fascinating, although the thumbnail pictures in the first link wouldn't properly load a larger picture (it only showed a small portion of the top-left corner Mad).

Wouldn't it be lovely if Loreena could perform a few KMs from where you live? I wish that would happen to me (yes, Loreena that is a hint)!

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